Product-Based Digital Marketing Campaign Results
  • Increase product awareness for Polaroid’s Snap instant camera through a social media and content marketing campaign.
  • Create visual content to be shared on both Kelly Ella Maz’s online channels and Polaroid’s.
  • An editorial article was created specifically for the Polaroid website, and Polaroid product was featured in articles on
  • Highlight the product with “picture-in-picture” style posts.
Social Media Posts
Blog Posts
  • 6 Instagram posts resulted in a total of 2,509¬†likes and 130 comments
  • The Instagram posts had an above average engagement rate of 3.1%
  • 12 Facebook posts on Kelly Ella Maz’s account resulted in 115 likes
  • Email blast reached 204,516 people and had an open rate of 11.4%
  • The Facebook campaign on Polaroid’s account generated 103,877 impressions
  • Twitter posts on Polaroid’s account resulted in 9,287 actions
  • Positive audience feedback included comments like “LOVE THIS!!! I need that camera” and “I want this camera too!!”