Kelly Mazur - Founder & Editor

Welcome to Kelly Ella Maz! As you probably guessed by now, my name is Kelly and I’m the founder & editor of this travel blog. In 2012 this blog started out as a way to document my vacations, but somewhere around 2014 it started to become a recognized online resource for hotel reviews and city guides.

Since then, I’ve been travelling around the world full-time with my super handsome photographer fiance – Paul. Together we’ve brought our readers hundreds articles designed with one goal in mind: to help you plan your dream vacation!

If you’ve landed on this site you probably love travel as much as me, and you might even be planning your next adventure. Let me help you with that! Check out our database of free city guides to download your free digital guidebooks, and head over to our hotel review archives to pick out your next hotel.

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Paul Miniov - Photographer

When Kelly asked me if I wanted to quit my job and travel full-time it was an overwhelming “HELL YES”. While travelling around the world I’ve not only had the experience of a lifetime, but I’ve also managed to drastically improve my photography skills to a level where I’m finally proud to showcase my work.

Great photography is one of the most crucial components of a travel blog, which means my job comes with a quite a bit of pressure. My goal is to capture those perfect travel moments in a way that allows you (the reader!) to get a thorough understanding of the location we’re shooting. Whether it’s reviewing a luxury hotel or ziplining through a jungle, I do it with a camera in my hand so that you can experience everything with us!

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Ben Mazur - Photographer

Ben is one of the most adventurous photographers out there, and is always the first photographer on our team to volunteer to shoot in the most extreme locations. Standing on the edge of cliffs to get the perfect shot never phases Ben, and we have him to thank for some of our awesome Instagram shots!

Kevin Hyndman - Photographer

Kevin joined our team of photographers in January 2016, while travelling with us in Thailand. When not working as a travel photographer, he works as a flight attendant hopping from one country to the next faster than we can keep up with him! Kevin has an amazing eye for detail and always manages to capture the perfect action shot.

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