Where To Buy Lilly Pulitzer in Canada

My fellow Canadian Lilly lovers will understand the struggle of trying to figure out where to buy Lilly Pulitzer in Canada! In order to help a girl out, I’ve rounded up a list of all the place I’ve purchased Lilly Pulitzer in Canada. If you’ve got another one to add to the link, let me know in the comments!

Island View – A Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store

There’s only one Signature Store in Canada, and that’s Island View in Oakville! This is where I’ve bought more than half of my wardrobe, and I absolutely love the staff here. They often have amazing gift with purchases, and their sales are fantastic (especially the annual sidewalk sale)! instagram

Style Encore

Style Encore is a franchise of trendy second-hand stores, and I’ve had amazing luck buying Lilly Pulitzer at the locations in Oakville, Guelph, Burlington and Hamilton. Be sure to look for their individual accounts on Instagram, because they post pictures of outfits every day and if you spot Lilly you can buy it over the phone or via DM (with PayPal). This is where I’ve found the best deals on Lilly! instagram

Canadian Lilly Fans Facebook Group

My favourite Facebook group allows for BST (buy-sell-trade), so you can also use this group as a source for buying Lilly Pulitzer items. website

Facebook Marketplace

I’ve found a number of items within Facebook Marketplace. Just search for “Lilly Pulitzer” and adjust the location radius based on how far you’re willing to drive. website


The prices on eBay are amazing, but the shipping can be very expensive. If you limit your search to items coming from Canada then you can avoid the high costs, but the selection will be smaller. website 


Although the selection is limited, Saks offers free shipping and free duties to Canada! I also love that you can return in-store (despite the merchandise coming from the states). Unfortunately they don’t carry Lilly Pulitzer in their Canadian stores, but with free shipping it’s always worth checking out their website. website


Nordstrom is another only retailer that sells Lilly, but I do caution you to check the duty and shipping before placing your order. Similar to Saks, they offer in-store returns. I find their selection to be limited to the less-busy prints, and lots of solid pieces. website


I’ve used Amazon Prime to buy a few new release items, but the selection is limited. The shipping was free, and arrived within 2 days. The price was identical to the US exchange, but without any customs or duty! I very rarely buy new Lilly at full price, but if I do I usually check for it on Amazon first. website