How To Make Grocery Store Flowers Last 10-14 Days

I love buying flowers every week, but Paul is less-than-thrilled about the expense of weekly bouquets. Since marriage is all about compromise, I’ve gotten pretty resourceful when it comes to living my most glamorous life… on my husband’s strict budget! Here’s a look at how to make grocery store flowers last 10-14 days, so that you can always have fresh flowers in the house – without the obnoxious expense of florist bouquets.

Buy As Fresh As Possible

I recently asked the manager at my grocery store when the fresh flowers came in each week, and he told me that his store receives them on Tuesdays. Which means I can stretch out the life of my flowers if I buy them on Tuesday…. versus Saturday morning.

Trim The Ends

Not only do I trim the ends when I first bring them home, but I also trim them every other day for the first week. After that, I trim them daily.

Change The Water

Following a similar schedule, I change the water in my vases every other day. Once I get into the second week I try to do this every day.

Feed Them With Every Water Change

When I first bring flowers home, I use the plant food that comes with them. Once I run out of that, I used regular white sugar in the water. I used about a tablespoon per vase.

Remove Dead Flowers

This is especially important if you buy mixed bouquets! Some flowers in the bouquet will start to die faster, and it’s important that you remove them as soon as possible to keep the rest of the flowers fresh.

Downsize Your Vase

As dead flowers get removed, and the stems get shorter with each trim, I often move my bouquets to smaller vases so that they still look full. I’ll usually start with a vase that’s 12″ tall on the kitchen coutner, and by the end of the two weeks I’ve have 2 or 3 mason jars of flowers that decorate the bathroom, bedroom and office.

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