Celebrating Paul’s Birthday With A Backyard BBQ

I love that Paul’s birthday is in August, because it’s always the perfect excuse to get our friends together for some summer fun! This year, we decided to host a backyard BBQ to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. I wanted the event to be relaxed, with a focus on gourmet eats and a selection of our favourite wines. We had such an amazing evening, so I thought I’d share some of the decor and food details today!

The only challenge with hosting a large group of people for a BBQ, is the limited seating that most patio sets allow. To fix this I rented a table and chairs, and set them up to run lengthwise through the garden. Moving the tables onto the grass also created a beautiful atmosphere with my Father-In-Law’s surrounding gardens. For consistency, I rented two light blue tablecloths. Because you can never have too many flowers, I lined the tables with fresh gladiolus!

I didn’t want to be spending much time in the kitchen (mostly because it’s two flights of stairs from the backyard!), so I stuck to only one appetizer – a sizeable charcuterie board! The ingredients are pretty self explanatory, but I did add in some fresh figs and edible flowers to make the entire board picture-perfect.

I also wanted to keep the dinner as easy as possible (so I could enjoy our friends’ company!), so our main course involved:

  • Steaks, that Paul cooked to perfection
  • Vegetable kabobs (that I pre-made in the morning)
  • Potato salad (also pre-made earlier in the day)
  • Store-bought kale salad, that I added fresh blueberries to

We finished the meal with Paul’s favourite dessert – cheesecake! I totally cheated (yet again) on this birthday dessert, and ended up buying a cheesecake from Costco. I wanted to make it a bit prettier, so I added edible flowers on top! The end results was pretty beautiful – if I do say so myself.Β 

Paul ended up having an amazing birthday celebration, and I loved that the entire night was stress-free for me. Here’s a few more pictures from our night.Β 

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