Jewellery Organization Tips

I recently shared a closet tour on IGTV, and afterwards I received a lot of questions about jewellery organization tips! I thought I’d give you a closer look at how I organize my jewellery today, along with some details on the storage items I’m using right now!

I really try to keep all of my jewellery in one place, because it makes it easier for me to see what I own and make sure I’m actually wearing it all on a regular basis. For this reason, I store everything in the top drawer of my Ikea Kullen dresser. On top of the dresser, I showcase some of my current favourite pieces on my Lilly Pulitzer jewellery dish – which was a gift from my mother-in-law! I absolutely love the seahorse detail, and the fact that it includes one of my favourite prints.

To organize the inside of my drawer, I use a series of containers in different sizes. One is  cardboard tray that my Day Designer agenda came in, and the others are acrylic refrigerator organizers that I bought in the kitchen section of Home Sense (or, Home Goods if you’re American!). Because everything must be Lilly, I cut up a few Lilly Pulitzer shopping bags and used mod podge to create these beautiful trays that sit perfectly within the drawer.

I found that my rings and earrings were the hardest to display, since it was hard to have them all visible within the drawer. I purchased a velour ring tray on Amazon, and it’s been working perfectly for me (you can find it online for about $12 right here). If I had to re-purchase this tray, I would probably avoid black – because black velour shows every little piece of dust.

Let me know if you have any more questions about how I organized this drawer (or any pieces you see in the pics). It took some time to find the right combination of containers that fit the drawers and my items, but I’m really happy with the end result. When I’m getting ready in the morning I have such a clear overview of my accessories, and I definitely find that I’m wearing all of these pretty items with my new set-up!



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