My Favourite Coffee Recipes

Lately, coffee drinking has been much less of a necessity and more of a guilty pleasure! Crafting the perfect caffeinated beverage has become a bit of a passion of mine, and taking the time to make a decadent cup is so much more enjoyable than grabbing Starbucks while I’m on my way to work. Here’s a look at my favourite coffee recipes:


Without fail, every morning begins with a cappuccino! To me, it’s the perfect balance of coffee and frothy milk. I make my cappuccino with the Nespresso Citiz machine, but you can use any machine that creates espresso along with a milk frother. Start by frothing your 2% milk, then fill your glass cappuccino mug a little past the halfway point. You really need to use 2% milk, otherwise it won’t froth well. Brew your espresso, and top off your mug to get that perfect layered look.


The steps for creating the perfect latte are similar to the cappuccino, but you use slightly more milk and a different style of mug. Start by frothing your 2% milk, then fill your latte mug 3/4 full with the milk. Again, anything less than 2% milk and it won’t froth well. Brew your espresso, and top off your mug.

Iced Coffee

For the perfect iced coffee I prefer to use my French Press with Illy coffee, since it makes a larger quantity of coffee. Last summer I also enjoyed the convenience of the Nespresso iced coffee capsules, but this summer I’m not crazy about the taste of their seasonal capsules. Fill a plastic tumbler 3/4 full with ice, and add milk. I like to use about 1/4 cup of milk, but you can use any amount. Unlike recipes that use a milk frother, you can use an percentage milk – I prefer skim milk! Top off with brewed coffee from your french press, or coffee machine (like Nespresso or Keurig).


With the exception of an occasional iced coffee on a summer afternoon, I generally follow the Italian rule of “no milk in your coffee after breakfast”. When I need an afternoon pick-me-up, I stick to a short espresso. Both of my Nespresso machines make this very easy to make (literally just the touch of a button), but one day I hope we have enough room for a proper espresso machine.

My Favourite Coffee Brands

  • I love my Nespresso machine so much, that I actually have a second machine that I keep on my desk at work. I love “Cosi” for a cappuccino or latte, and use “Roma” for espressos.
  • When I’m using my french press, I always use Illy ground coffee.





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