Kelly Ella Maz Winter Visit To Niagara Falls

Winter Visit to Niagara Falls

A few weeks back, the weather dropped to almost -30 degrees and Niagara Falls transformed into a magical ice scene worthy of a Narnia book! With no plans on our Sunday afternoon agenda, Paul and I decided to take a winter visit to Niagara Falls for a very short day trip.

The weather was even colder near the Falls than it was in the city (thanks to the mist!), so we stopped at Starbucks for hot chocolates before we started our walk along the falls. We only managed to stay outside for about 20 minutes, but we were able to capture some amazing pictures in that short time!

Enjoy the pics! I highly recommend visiting the Falls on a particularly cold day if you live nearby – it was well worth the visit.

Ps: these pictures were taken with my iPhone 8 Plus, not my DSLR. (Not bad, right?)