Restaurant Review: Sketch London

Before visiting London, the restaurant I had heard the most about was Sketch! Every friend, colleague and fellow blogger I know has been to this restaurant – and they all rave about it. You know a restaurant is going to be good when it’s not only recommended by everyone you know, but if all of those friends return to the restaurant again and again.

During our visit to London, we visited Sketch for brunch. The restaurant has multiple dining rooms (each with their own decor), and we had a reservation in The Glade. This room had recently been renovated, and had an “Alice in Wonderland” vibe to it! When I wasn’t devouring every bite of the delicious food, I was enjoying the incredible decor of this room with awe. The Glade is more than just a dining room, it’s like eating inside a fairytale!

We started our brunch with a round of fresh juices. Travel can be tiring, and I was looking for a big boost of vitamins – so I ordered the “celery, cucumber, pear, mint, lemon”. It was the perfect combination of fresh and healthy I needed that morning. Paul ordered the “peach, pineapple, coconut, lime, honey” which was honestly one of the best juices I’ve ever tasted. I occasionally use a juicer at home, and will likely try to recreate this combination myself! It was tropical and fresh, without being too tart. The fact that we were this impressed by the juices, was a good sign for the food we were about to enjoy.

For food, we opted for a large selection of different appetizers instead of main courses. There were so many things on the menu we wanted to try, and the smaller plates allowed us to sample more items! We started off with “burrata, tomato, basil”. One bite of this dish and I was in heaven! There is nothing better than cheese in Europe – it’s such a shame that we can’t enjoy these delicious cheeses in Canada. The tomatoes were rich in flavour, and the whole combination (along with fresh bread) was fantastic. For something a bit lighter, our next dish was “cantaloupe, raspberries, watermelon, parma ham”. This was another tasty dish that relied on a unique combination of flavours for major impact!

Burrata Cheese
Cantaloupe & Parma Ham

Continuing on with our parade of appetizers, we also ordered the “emmental, gouda, cheddar cheese, crackers and apple jelly”. If you couldn’t tell by now, we really love cheese! The gouda was my favourite cheese from this selection, and the apple jelly paired perfectly. In Canada, a dish like this would likely be sprinkled with cinnamon (or at least a healthy dose of cinnamon in the apple jelly), but this version had sprinkles of paprika on the side. It was an unexpected twist that we loved!  Saving the best for last, we also ate the “avocado, grapefruit, madagascan pink prawns, wasabi mayo”. Is it possible to go to brunch and not order something with avocado? I think not! Avocado for brunch isn’t anything new, but the fresh addition of grapefruit made this standby dish a must-order. Nearly two weeks later, I’m still craving this dish!

Cheese Plate
Avocado & Prawns

Despite being so full from all the food, Paul and I were easily convinced to try the desserts! Not that it took much convincing ;) Along with espresso (a must-have for sightseeing days), we shared the raspberry tart and macaroons. The tart’s pastry was light and moist, and the raspberries on top were bursting with flavour. Again, I had to marvel at how different the produce in Europe tastes compared to North America! It was such a treat to end our meal with this delicious raspberry dessert.

Raspberry Tart

Overall, our brunch at Sketch was one of the best meals I’ve had recently – and it’s certainly a top contender for my favourite restaurant of 2017! I was worried that Sketch might not live up to the hype, but I’m happy to say it was even better than people say. They have a number of different dining rooms at Sketch, each with different menus. On future visits I might consider trying out a different room, but I’d be just as likely to return to the Glade as well!

If you’d like to reserve a table at Sketch (or check out their menus), please visit their website. To get a glimpse inside our visit, you can also check out my London Vlog for day 2!

We were welcomed to Sketch as guests, however our opinions remain our own.