Our Romania Wedding: The Details

In the past 4 months, Paul and I have had THREE weddings in three different countries! Today, I’m sharing all of the details from our Romania Wedding in Paul’s hometown – Timisoara. If you’re wondering why we had three weddings, let me quickly explain (cause I know three weddings sounds crazy!)….

We had our dream wedding in Mexico surrounded by our immediate family and closest friends, but the ceremony wasn’t legal – just symbolic. When we returned to Canada we had to make things official, so we were married at Guelph City Hall. This ceremony was followed by a reception dinner with my extended family. It was important to us that we had a third wedding celebration for Paul’s family in Romania, so we hopped on a flight to Timisoara to declare our love for each other one more time! :)

[You can view the Mexico wedding details here, and the Canada wedding details here!]

Here’s the details from our Romania wedding…

The Location

Our Romania wedding was located in Timisoara (Romania’s second largest city). This was an incredibly special location for us, because Paul was born in Timisoara and it’s where his grandparents still live. We’ve been visiting Timisoara nearly every summer since 2013, so I’ve grown to know the city pretty well myself. We visited for one week in August 2017, and rented a gorgeous apartment in the city centre through Airbnb.

The Outfits

Since I already had two wedding dresses at home, I decided to re-wear my Guelph wedding dress for this ceremony. The chic, city-appropriate style was perfect for the church, city photos and restaurant. I wanted to change up the look a little bit, so I bought new shoes and a veil. The veil was the perfect addition, and also fitting for the church setting (where veils are considered tradition). I finished my look with a gorgeous bridal bouquet created by a family friend.

Dress – David’s Bridal

Veil – David’s Bridal

Shoes – Graceland

Bouquet – Bloom by Anna Stanciu

Paul’s outfit from the Guelph wedding was perfect for Romania, so he wore it again. The only thing we changed was his shirt. Instead of a white linen shirt, he wore a crisp white dress shirt from Banana Republic… and of course he looked even more handsome! In hindsight, he probably would have preferred to wear the light linen shirt because inside the church was VERY hot!

Shirt – Banana Republic

Suit – Banana Republic

Shoes –  1901 (Nordstorm)

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was held at Saint Catherine Church, just a few steps away from Piata Victoriei. This location was very special to Paul’s family because it was the same church that Paul was baptized at. The interior was beautiful, and was exactly what you’d expect from a European church.

The Dinner

For dinner, we went to a local Italian restaurant called Amphora Enoteca. I’ve driven past this restaurant many times in the past 5 years, and I’ve always wanted to go, so it was the perfect opportunity! We pre-ordered appetizers that included caprese salad and meat and cheese platters – which were delicious. For the main course, we let everyone order off the menu so they could choose exactly what they wanted to eat. I ate the spaghetti carbonara, and it was amazing! In general, Italian restaurants in Timisoara tend to be very authentic and this restaurant was no exception.