Kelly Ella Maz Tulum Restaurant Guide Taqueria La Eufemia

Tulum Restaurant Guide

Tulum used to be a hippie beach town, but over the years it somehow turned into a luxury destination. While I absolutely LOVE Tulum, I do find some aspects of the town to be a bit overpriced. Restaurants is one of them. Maybe it’s because Tulum reminds me so much Bali, and the average lunch for two people in Bali costs $10 (versus $60 here)? I was happily surprised to see that the higher-than-average restaurant prices we’re well worth it in the end, because we had some incredible meals in Tulum that likely would have cost a lot more money back home in Toronto! Here’s my Tulum Restaurant Guide, designed to share with you the best restaurants at reasonable prices.

Taqueria La Eufemia

We loved this place so much, we ate here three times! Hands down the best tacos I’ve ever had. They are pretty small (and cheap) so you can order a bunch to try them all. Their jalapeño poppers and margaritas are great too (get 2 for 1 during their daily happy hour, 6pm – 8pm). We also loved the atmosphere here – it’s filled with nomads in their late 20’s, and the music is amazing. Although it didn’t bother me, I should probably warn you that visiting in the evening is significantly different than visiting for lunch. The smell of weed is pretty strong, and if the service is a bit slow it’s probably because your waiter is sitting at the bar smoking a joint between taking orders (lol).


Located in Tulum Beach, Simple was named one of the best restaurants in the world by Conde Nest Traveler. Their focus on fresh, simple seafood was a refreshing change from all the tacos we had been eating. Given the high quality of food and the prestigious acknowledgement, I was pleasantly surprised to see how affordable the restaurant was.

Pollo Bronco

We love Tulum Beach, but the prices are so high! We ventured into Tulum Town for a more authentic and affordable lunch one day, and visited Pollo Bronco based on recommendations from other travel bloggers. This cheap lunch did NOT disappoint! The chicken was incredibly fresh, and it was served with rice, cabbage, spicy sauce and tortillas. We ordered a side of guacamole too. It was all delicious!

Taqueria Honorio

This is another local spot in Tulum Town. This small outdoor restaurant has amazingly authentic tacos, and it was also one of the cheapest meals we had in Mexico! They also make a sweet potato empanada for dessert that’s delicious.

Batey Moijto Bar

This fun little bar in Tulum Town has some AMAZING mojitos! They hand press sugar juice and use that to sweeten their drinks, which tastes MUCH better than the artificial sugar syrups most bars use for mojitos. The classic mojito is the best, in my opinion. I had a delicious habanero mojito… but it was so spicy (and I LOVE spicy food) that my lips were numb the entire time I was drinking it. We didn’t eat here, but the panini sandwiches looked amazing.

Matcha Mama

When you need a break from tacos and seafood, head to Matcha Mama for a smoothie! This little stand is located on the side of the road, and their swing chairs make it a fun place to sit at. I had an iced cold shot coffee with soy milk, and Paul had a smoothie with mango, banana and coconut milk that was insanely good! To top it off, the staff here are amazing.


We ate at this restaurant one night for dinner, because Paul absolutely loved their “secret garden” setting. It was such a beautiful and romantic place to eat dinner, and the food was fantastic. We had the ‘catch of the day’ and a special shrimp taco (the special for that day) appetizer. The food was fresh and the service was friendly. It was very well priced for the area too!