Shopping in Tulum: The Guide

Shopping in Tulum gave me mixed emotions! On one hand, I fell in love with every pair of shoes and earrings I saw. On the other hand, I was frustrated that I couldn’t afford anything. After a few days of trying to find a bargain I finally gave up, and decided to just enjoy the window shopping instead. Today I’m giving you a quick run down on my favourite finds, the best shops and where I finally found some affordable shopping!

Not far from the famous restaurant Hartwood, is a little shop called KM 33. This was by far my favourite store in Tulum, and I’m pretty convinced they named it after me (lol!). The had the coolest sun hats, beach bags and earrings that we’re all tropical-inspired. The prices were a bit high, but you could tell that everything was great quality. Despite falling in love with some of the beach hats, I just can’t justify spending $200 Canadian on a straw hat! Since I didn’t buy anything, I took a few pictures of my favourite finds:

“Luxury beach chic” seemed to be the theme at every boutique we went to! Every store had beach bags, hats and lots of jewellery with tropical elements (like pineapples and palm leaves). A lot of stores also had a huge selection of linen, for men and women. If resort wear is your thing (I’m obsessed), then you’ll absolutely love the selection. There was also a number of great bathing suit shops, but expect to pay $300 Canadian for a bikini. Josa was one store that stood out for their great selection of luxury beachwear, mostly because a lot of their clothing looked like it could be worn at home too. I saw one pair of linen pants that would look equally chic on the beach as they would at home as loungewear.

Another great store we found was La Troupe. They had beautiful clothing, but it was their pillows that caught my eye when we were walking past! They kinda reminded me of the unique pillows we bought in Marrakech years ago.

For more accessories, there was a great little shop called Mr. Blackbird. The store was just as pretty as the accessories, and their sand covered floor was so unique! Here they had some stunning purses and belts, all with a bit of a tropical touch to them.

Along the main beach road there was one store that caught my eye, but there was no sign so I’m not sure what it was called (if you’re looking for it, it’s hard to miss!). The store was literally a teepee filled with designer kaftans and resortwear. I knew before I even walked in that I wouldn’t be buying anything, but I just had to get a look at the beautiful store design!

After getting a little frustrated with the pricing in Tulum, we decided to take a taxi into Tulum Town for the afternoon. Tulum Town isn’t pretty. It’s not luxurious, there are no nice hotels, and it’s drastically different from Tulum Beach. But, they did have a few shops that we’re more affordable! I was able to find some gorgeous bag charms for my beach bag at one of the souvenir shops on the main road. In Tulum Beach these bag charms were $15 each, but in town they were only $7. Tulum Town didn’t have any of the luxurious clothing or purses, but they did have a lot of the same souvenirs for much lower prices. We found great Mexican blankets, guacamole bowls and home decor items for significantly less money.

The last store I want to mention, is a small chain called MexicArte. They have locations in Tulum Beach, Tulum Town and a few other cities in Mexico. They had some really great bowls that we’re hand painted, and their prices we’re really reasonable. The souvenir shops all sold colourful bowls for about $10, but they looked a little cheap. These bowls were around $30 and the quality was much better. I bought a blue guacamole bowl that I can’t wait to use at home!

Overall, I left Tulum feeling inspired by all the beautiful fashion I saw. Even though I didn’t buy much, I still really enjoyed walking up and down the beach road visiting each shop. After our trip to Tulum we went to Playa Del Carmen, and I found a lot of similar shopping there for much more affordable prices. I’ll publish a shopping guide for Playa Del Carmen soon, so that you know where to find the best stores in this area of Mexico!