Visiting Grand Cenote in Lucky & Coco

One of the most popular things to do when visiting in Tulum, is to go swimming at a cenote. For our recent visit, we chose Grand Cenote for a morning a snorkelling, swimming and photos! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about visiting Grand Cenote – including prices, what to wear and how to save money on taxis.

There are dozens of cenotes to visit in Tulum (this was our 5th cenote), and everyone seems to have a different opinion on which one is best. We decided to visit Grand Cenote because it’s one of the closer ones to Tulum Beach and we didn’t want our visit to take up an entire day. Because of the location, size and amenities at Grand Cenote, it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the busiest. Grand Cenote opens at 8:10am, and we arrived some time after 9:30am. For the first 30 minutes of our visit there was hardly any other people there. It was the perfect time of day for pictures and a blissful swim! By the time we left (around 11am) it was significantly busier, and would have been nearly impossible to get good pictures.

We paid about $10 each to enter, and another $2 for a locker rental. They were also renting snorkel equipment for about $6-7, but we brought our own. The facilities were much better than other cenotes we’d been to before – with lockers, showers and a shaded area for picnics.

Since no one really spends an entire day at a cenote (60-90 minutes is ideal for me), it makes sense to pick one closer to your hotel so that you aren’t spending more time driving than swimming! We stayed at Luv Tulum on Tulum Beach, and our drive was only 20 minutes. When we left the cenote the taxi drivers wanted nearly double the price of what we had paid to get there (annoying, but what are you going to do?), so we took a taxi into Tulum Town for lunch. This was only 5 minutes away and cost significantly less money. We had a great (authentic and cheap) lunch in Tulum town, then took a taxi back to Tulum Beach for a much more reasonable price. If you plan your cenote visit for the morning, you can follow the same itinerary!

Outfit Details

Since I knew we would likely be going straight to lunch after the cenote, I needed an outfit that could work double duty! I chose this kaftan from Lucky and Coco because of the lightweight material and beautiful colours. The beading detail around the neckline made me feel more dressed up, and is the sole reason this outfit was appropriate for the cenote, a restaurant AND a mojito bar!

Kaftan – Lucky & Coco | Blue Bikini – Old

The product in this article was gifted to me from Lucky & Coco, however my opinions remain my own.