Product Review: Canadian Tourister Collection Carry-On

With Canada’s 150th birthday approaching, it was time to update our luggage to something a little bit more Canadian! The new Canadian Tourister Collection Carry-On was the perfect piece to add to our luggage collection for international trips and weekend getaways within Canada. And, as you can see from the pictures, it was an incredibly beautiful addition as well! Keep reading to find out what we thought of this new style, and how it compares to my previous luggage reviews.


The Canadian Tourister Collection Carry-On comes in six different style. The two that I have are called “Maple Leaf Red/ Black” and “White Multi City”. All the styles have plenty of Canadian features, such as maple leafs or city names, which is both beautiful and patriotic! Personally, the “Maple Leaf Red/ Black” style is my favourite because of the clean red leaf and the glossy finish. This carry-on is so chic – but it’s also a nice change from plain, single-coloured suitcases.

The “White Multi City” is beautiful as well – and the bright colours made it the perfect carry-on to bring to Mexico! It stood out in a sea of black suitcases, and got a ton of compliments from hotel staff, fellow travellers and flight attendants.

This blog has never been a place for political opinions…. but I do need to share a story with you about when I brought this luggage to Mexico. With all of the negative attention America’s new president is getting internationally, it’s no surprise that some people around the world are not huge fans of America right now. I had a few instances in Mexico were I felt I was getting rude service, and when they found out I was Canadian (instead of American) their attitude towards me drastically changed. Needless to say, this luggage makes it quite clear to strangers that I’m Canadian… and in 2017, that’s quite beneficial.


The interior of the Canadian Tourister Collection Carry-On is nearly identical to the Samsonite Winfield 3 I reviewed last year (Samsonite is the parent company of Canadian Tourister). I absolutely love this dual-sided interior, because I find it really easy to organize my packing with this layout. I normally fill one side of the suitcase with clothes, then use the other side for tech, accessories and toiletries. I love that when I open my suitcase at the airport to get something out (like my iPad or a book), my clothes stay neatly packed and untouched in the other compartment.


I’ve now travelled with the “Maple Leaf Red/ Black” twice, and the “White Multi City” once – and I’m very happy to say that they are both in great condition still! I was worried that the glossy finish would get scuffed realty quickly, but they still look shiny and beautiful. The price point of the Canadian Tourister luggage is slightly lower than Samsonite, yet the quality is nearly identical. The zippers, wheels and handle are all the same.

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The product in this article was gifted to us from Samsonite Canada, however our opinions remain our own.