Hotel Review: Luv Tulum

For a couple who’s travelled as much as Paul and I, selecting a hotel for our honeymoon was a big decision! It couldn’t be just any hotel, it had to be something special and unique. After a bit of online research, we discovered Luv Tulum and instantly knew that staying here would make for a memorable honeymoon! It was the perfect balance of luxury and authentic design, and their central beachfront location meant that we would be walking distance to restaurants and stores. Here’s a look at our honeymoon visit to Luv Tulum:

Luv Tulum is located on the main beach street in Tulum, about a two hour drive from the Cancun airport. After spending a week in Mayan Riviera (for our wedding!), we had a comfortable 60 minute drive to arrive at Luv Tulum to start our honeymoon. From the moment the taxi pulled onto the property we knew that “relaxation” would be the word to describe our stay!

I was literally barefoot in sand as I exited the taxi, and less than 2 minutes later I was sitting under the trees with a mezcal margarita in my hand. The staff at Luv Tulum greeted us like family, and helped us feel instantly relaxed as they swiftly completed the check-in process while we sat at their outdoor restaurant. As we sipped our margaritas the staff moved our luggage to our room. The honeymoon had definitely begun!

We stayed in an “Ocean View King Suite”, which is described as their honeymoon suite thanks to it’s private location. This room was located further back from the beach than the other rooms, but we still had a beautiful ocean view from our balcony and it certainly felt more private than the other suites. Our room was stunning – every aspect of the design was unique, and authentically Tulum! The whitewash interior was accented with plenty of natural wood and random pieces of beach treasure were used for decor. One thing that is important to note, is that the rooms do not have air conditioning. But, thanks to the location of the hotel, you get a very strong breeze from the beach that was actually much more enjoyable than a/c and kept our room at a cool temperature day and night.

Our king size bed had mosquito netting to help keep the mosquitos away at night, and also added to the romantic vibe of our room. Our large seating area with a built-in couch was also the perfect place the relax late afternoon when we needed a break from the sun. One of my favourite corners of our room, was the walk-in closet! I absolutely loved the white walls and the natural piece of wood that was turned into a clothing rod.

The beauty of the this room is hard to capture in just a few photos, so I filmed a video tutorial to show you guys around:

Whenever we weren’t enjoying the tranquility of our room, we spent our time relaxing on the beach. I absolutely loved that they had more sun loungers than guests – because it meant that no matter what time of day you arrived to the beach, you always had your choice of a wide selection of available beds! The hotel also had an amazing price on buckets of Corona (about $2 for 3 bottles in an ice bucket!), which really added to the whole “I-never-want-to-leave-this-beach” vibe. The beach and the water in Tulum are much nicer than nearby Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. Other than the day after a late-night rain storm, the beach was free from excessive seaweed. The water was so clear, I could perfect see my toes when I was walking in the water!

I can’t wait to return to Luv Tulum one day soon. The fact that we had our honeymoon here makes it an extra special hotel for us, and I’m so pleased it lived up to the high expectation I had! To book a room at Luv Tulum, visit their website. We recommend requesting a room on the second floor so that you get a better breeze from the ocean.

We were welcomed to Luv Tulum as guests, however our opinions remain our own.