Kelly Ella Maz Organized Winter Packing. How To Guide

Organized Winter Packing: How To Guide

Cold weather usually means you have to pack more stuff – which is why I’m sharing my secrets for organized winter packing today! The trick for packing extra items, is to make sure you’re very well organized. This way, the extra items don’t result in a disorganized and cluttered bag. I love summertime travel when I can get away with a minimalist packing list and everything in my bag is easy to find, so I use organization tricks to give myself that same carefree travel style in the winter!

Winter Vacation Must-Haves:

  • My Polaroid Zip to print out instant photos
  • My Columbia Sportswear winter hat to keep warm
  • A selection of scarves to switch up my look
  • Classic leather gloves, and a pair of cozy mittens
  • Packing pouches to organize everything

My Favourite Packing Pouches

A few months ago I discovered OTG|247 (On The Go – Twenty Four Seven), a brand of chic pouches. The pouches come in ten different sizes (and they’re all numbered), and you can choose from a wide variety of colours and prints. The owner of OTG|247 is just as OCD as I am when it comes to staying organized – so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with these pouches right away.

Keep reading to discover my personal organization method, specific for winter packing! Scroll down to the bottom to see a quick video of these pouches in action.

Travel Essentials

For all of my essential items, I use the OTG|247 #1 pouch. This is their smallest size and I use it to hold my passport, keys, small wallet and iPhone. What I love most about this pouch is that it comes with two detachable straps. The short strap is perfect for securing the pouch to the inside of my purse, or it can also turn the pouch into a wristlet. The long strap turns the pouch into the perfect purse for nighttime! An organizational pouch that can work double duty as an evening purse is the best thing ever!

Must-Have Tech

To store all of my tech products in one place, I use the OTG|247 #4 pouch. This pouch is the perfect size for holding my Polaroid printer, my Skyroam hot spot, headphones and all of my charging cables. I own this pouch in the “nudie” design with a clear back, so I could also use this bag as a toiletry bag in my carryon.

Organized Carry-On

The #6 pouch is my personal most-used pouch from OTG|247. It comes with a removable strap, so I find myself using this pouch as a purse all the time (even when I’m not travelling)! This pouch is the perfect size to use as a travel bag – either for flights or road trips. I recently used it as my travel purse and put my book and glasses in it, along with my #1 pouch (that holds my waller, passport and phone). If I could only have one pouch, this would likely be the one that I would choose (but please don’t make me choose!).

Winter Accessories

Winter vacations call for an extra pouch – the OTG|247 #8! I use the #8 pouch to hold all of my winter accessories – such as gloves, mittens, scarves and hats. I like to pack a wide variety of winter accessories to give my travel pictures some variety (since I’m wearing the same winter coat every day). The #8 pouch also works well as a laptop sleeve, and has enough extra room for my notebook and headphones too!

Clothing & Outfits

The largest size pouch, #10, is the perfect size for a weekend’s worth of clothing. I use this pouch to perfectly organize my outfits for travel. The roomy size allows this pouch to work for other purposes too! I’ve used my #10 pouch to hold props on my way to a photoshoot, and I’ve also used it to carry extra shoes.

Snacks & Healthy Meals

Last, but definitely not least, I have to talk about the OTG|247 #7 pouch! This insulated pouch is designed to hold snacks and healthy meals – making it ideal for parents, picnics and road trips. This pouch also comes with a removable strap, so you can carry it with ease. I recently attended the London Food & Wine Show and used my #7 pouch as a purse because I knew I would be purchasing cheese and other foods during the event. I got stopped by a ton of women who were all asking where I got my gorgeous green bag from! They were even  more excited when I told them that it was actually an insulated pouch!

Want a closer look at these gorgeous pouches? Check out the video below!