A Guide to Prague Street Food

As a self-proclaimed “foodie” I’ll be quick to tell you that sampling foreign cuisine is one of my favourite parts of travelling! But, what I enjoy more than eating new foods is sampling local street food – which has a way of feeling more authentic to me. Prague didn’t disappoint when it came to their street food – which ranged from hearty meals to sweet treat – and I’ve added my favourite items to this guide of Prague street food. No matter where you eat in Prague be sure to arrive with an appetite! This was one city where I couldn’t get enough of the food.

Halusky at Old Town Square

If I hadn’t been so insistent on trying different foods, I probably would have happily eaten halusky for three meals a day… every day of my trip. This dish is that good. Warm, gooey and full of starch – halusky isn’t exactly diet-friendly but it packs a lot of flavour that melts in your mouth. This dish can be purchased from stands new Old Town Square and is made of potato dumplings, sauerkraut and ham. I’m fairly certain there wasn’t any cheese in this dish, but it certainly had a cheesy texture to it. When it comes to Prague street food, there’s nothing better than halusky!

Ham at Old Town Square

Also available from the same stands that sell halusky is the yummiest ham I’ve ever had. Full of flavour (and probably a bit too much salt…..), this ham is served up with fresh rye bread and mustard. Paul and I agreed that the ham was a bit pricey for street food, but the generous portion size filled us up. If you’re watching your budget but still want to try the ham, just order the halusky because you’ll get pieces of ham in there too!

Apple Strudel at Havel’s Market

Strudel may be more famous in the neighbouring country of Austria – but in Prague I happened to find the best strudel that I’ve ever had (and yes, it was better than the strudel I tried in Vienna)! Not far from City Hall is Havel’s Market, where you will find a stand selling fresh strudel. Since you can buy it in small slices I recommend getting a few different flavours to try. The plum and poppyseed combination was my favourite!

Trdelnik on Zelezna St

Trdelniks are a bit too sweet for me – even before you add the optional serving of ice cream – but they are something that Prague is best known for! Not far from he Astrological Clock is a shop simply called “Trdelnik” where you can get fresh, warm trdelniks on-the-go. Although you’ll see these being sold everywhere, they are most definitely not all the same! It’s important to get yours from a busy stand so that you can guarantee that they are fresh. Once they cool down they become stale very fast. Don’t be fooled by the smell – only get yours from a place with a line up of customers! Regardless of if you finish your trdelnik or not, you can’t say you’ve tried Prague street food until you’ve had one!

Absinthe Ice Cream from Absintheshop

If you’re visiting Prague during a hot summer day, then a cool cone of absinthe-infused ice cream is the perfect treat! I got my refreshing cone from a shop called Absintheshop – which is located near the base of the stairs that take you to Prague Castle. If you’re walking to Prague Castle from Charles Bridge, you will walk past Hotel Golden Key…. then when you reach the stairs the shop will be on your left. This isn’t your typical Prague street food, but I think it’s still worth trying. Also note: despite being infused with alcohol, I was still completely sober after eating this ice cream… so no, they aren’t very strong if that’s what you’re wondering ;)

Klobases from Wenceslas Square

Eastern Europe is known for their hot dogs and sausages – and the sausages in Prague happen to make the perfect on-the-go or budget-friendly lunch! Wenceslas Square is filled with sausage carts, so you can be sure to get one anytime you visit this area. Some locals have said that the hot dogs are better than the sausages – so try both if you can!

Love Prague as much as we do? Once you’ve finished drooling over these pics of Prague street food, check out the video below we filmed during our time in Prague. We woke up at sunrise one morning to fly our drone over Charles Bridge before it was filled with tourists. Not only was this timing perfect for filming, but it was such a great time to be exploring the streets of Prague – which are usually packed with tourists.