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How to Take The Best Travel Pictures

Photography is a big part of my job as a travel blogger and social media manager. In fact, my DSLR camera is almost always in my purse and it gets used on a daily basis! I’m often asked for advice on how to take the best travel pictures, and one of my best tips is to invest in a tripod for travel. Here’s a breakdown on why I recommend investing in tripod, how I use mine, and how to pick the best one:


Using A Tripod For Portraits

The best way to get a picture of yourself when you’re travelling solo (or, when you want a picture of you and your significant other when travelling as a couple) is to use a tripod and a remote. My Nikon DSLR 5500 came with a remote, but the camera also has a built-in timer feature that works just as well. With the camera set up on the tripod it’s as simple as clicking the button on the remote to snap a picture! What I love most about this set-up is that you don’t have to ask a stranger to take a picture of you, which means you can snap as many pics as you want until you get the perfect shot.




Using a Tripod For Crisper Shots

When I started using my tripod for landscape shots as well as portraits,  I quickly noticed that my pictures were coming out much crisper. The added stability of the tripod ensures that the camera is perfectly still for each shot, and the result is a high quality image. Additionally, a tripod is truly the only way to get a good photo at night when there’s less light and your shutter is slower.




Choosing The Perfect Tripod For Travel

After plenty of research and shopping around, my tripod of choice is the Dolica Reversible Traveler 57″ Tripod. It’s the perfect balance of durability and weight. It’s hard to find a high quality tripod that’s also light enough to travel with, but that’s exactly what I found with this Dolica Tripod. It also comes in an easy-to-carry bag that’s surprisingly comfortable to carry on my shoulder while sightseeing. The bag also comes with an interior zip pocket, which is where I store my remote.

At $90 it’s also a very affordable tripod. (Find it online here)

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