Kelly Ella Maz 2016 Year In Review

2016 Year in Review

 2016 was a year of whirlwind travel! Despite travelling for only 6 month so the year (significantly less than 2015’s 12 month journey), we visited a record 11 countries in one year. From Asia to Europe and back to North American, we experienced a wide range of cultures in short amount of time. The year started with a health emergency that sent us back to Canada unexpectedly, and ended with last minute trips and getaways to cities we never expected to visit. Here’s a look at our 2016 year in review:

Number of countries visited this year: 11

Favourite country we visited: Spain – it was so good to be back!


Favourite city we visited: Prague, Czech Republic

Favourite hotel we stayed at: We absolutely loved our stay at Ruby Marie Hotel in Vienna, Austria. It was such a cool concept!

Kelly Ella Maz_Top 5 Spots for Photos in Prague_Old Town Hall

Kelly Ella Maz_Quick Guide to Vienna_Ruby Marie Hotel Terrace

Favourite activity: Our wine tour in Niagara-On-The-Lake with Crush on Niagara was the best activity of the year! It was such a fun day of wine tasting with friends – and the staff at Crush on Niagara went out of their way to help us create a memorable day.


Memorable travel moment: Getting engaged in Prague was definitely the best moment of the year! It’s such a romantic city, so it made for a very special day.



Scariest travel moment: Paul getting sick with typhus in Thailand, and being hospitalized. Not only was it a scary time, but it also cut our time in Southeast Asia short. It ended up being a blessing because it opened the door to a life-changing trip to Europe later in the year.

Best meal we ate: The tomato and basil sandwich at Caffe Sforzesco in Milan, Italy was Paul’s favourite meal. Kelly’s was the halusky we purchased from a street vendor in Prague. 

Kelly Ella Maz_8 Hours in Milan_Caffe Sforzesco

Kelly Ella Maz_Quick Guide to Prague_Halusky