How To Holiday Like A Millionaire New York

How To Holiday Like A Millionaire

One of the main reasons why we go on holiday is to get away from the daily grind and enjoy the better things in life. So next time you think about booking a trip away, why not attempt to holiday like a millionaire with some of these cut-price ways to visit some swanky casinos and party with the movie stars!

Big city living in New York

It’s thanks to the sharing economy that most of us can attempt to live a few days like the super rich. And by renting a luxury apartment in Manhattan we can experience all of the pleasures of the Big Apple without having to break the bank. This will mean that you can take a famous yellow cab to glam department stores like Bergdorf Goodman’s and visit trendy jazz clubs in the Greenwich Village – and don’t forget to save a few extra pennies by having a slice of pizza pie in Central Park!

Movie star lifestyles in Los Angeles

Everybody knows that movie stars enjoy the best lifestyles. And Hollywood in Los Angeles is still where the motion picture industry is located. But rather than looking for the stars on the slightly depressing Hollywood Walk of Fame, why not actually see if you can party with the movie stars in real life by heading to some of Los Angeles’ film star hotspots. In particular, the bar at Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard is regularly packed with many gods and goddesses from the silver screen.

Glittering casino games in Monaco

For a touch of old-world money, it’s the French Riviera that gives us the best chance of rubbing shoulder with the rich and famous. And many of them flock to the glamorous Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco in order to engage in some high-stakes gambling whilst showing off their luxury cars. And even if you can’t afford to get through those exclusive doors, then everyone knows that live blackjack is thrilling when you play it via the Betway site on Monaco’s glorious Larvotto beach!

Chasing the sun in South Africa

But seeing as winter is approaching, then most millionaires will think nothing of nipping down to the southern hemisphere to soak up some sun rays. Interestingly, South Africa is really opening up to tourists in recent years with the beautiful beaches, glamorous casinos, rugged mountain ranges and the likes of Kruger National Park showcasing the best of the nation’s wildlife. And although flights may not be cheap, be sure to travel off-peak in order to really enjoy the best of life this summer!