Stylish Business Travel? Yes, It’s Possible!

On my recent two-night trip to New Orleans I was determined to pack light, because I strongly believe that travelling light is the key to stress-free travel! For this short trip I packed only a small leather backpack – which was a packing milestone for me! When I first travelled to Europe many years ago for a two week trip I packed a giant suitcase, a carryon AND a purse – and that carryon was bigger than the backpack I just used for a three day trip! Here’s a look at exactly what I packed – and proof that stylish business travel is easier than you think!




Since my trip was a combination of business and pleasure it was important that my minimal wardrobe accommodate this. My itinerary also required that I was dressed ‘business casual’ for the flight, but I still wanted to be comfortable for the journey.


Here’s what I packed:

Disclosure: Most photos in this article were not taken in New Orleans. Instead, I chose photos that best show the versatility of the specific clothes I packed :) 


By sticking to one colour palette (black and blue), all of the clothing pieces I packed were interchangeable. I only had 5 pieces of clothes (three of which were worn during the flight), but since all of my shirts were reversible I had a total of 8 different looks over the course of the weekend.

Probably the best thing about the pieces I packed were the fabrics. Durable and high quality fabrics meant that my clothes never got wrinkled, I could wear an item twice before washing it, and I always looks dressy enough for business meetings or dinners. This is where the cost of clothing really comes into play – these pieces are not cheap, but the high quality made all the difference when I needed to pull together a last minute outfit in my hotel room and all of my clothes were wrinkle-free!


The Aro Cigarette Pants ended up being worn day and night, then again during my flights. They were just as comfortable as leggings, yet I felt significantly more polished wearing them because the fabric looks more like dress pants than leisurewear. I was also presently surprised that they didn’t stretch out after so much wear! I was able to change the look of the pants by wearing them full length during the day at meetings, then cuffing them for a more casual look at night.


The two tops I packed from Helene Clarkson both have reversible necklines, which made it easy for me to change my look between work and dinner – even when I didn’t have time to go back to my hotel room. The Sabi Halter Top is a high neck halter worn one way, then if you turn the top around it’s a v-neck with a front ties. Likewise, the Oulu top is a v-neck on one side and a turtleneck in the other side.


The Wanderlust Wrap from Diane Kroe is one of my new staples. I find myself reaching for this sweater on a regular basis, and it’s certainly become my favourite casual piece for flights. When I arrived at the airport I wore my Wanderlust Wrap as an open front cardigan. The cocoon style was both business casual, and comfortable – which was exactly what I needed. Mid-flight when I started to get cold from the air conditioning, I unzipped the discreet zipper on the back and converted the cardigan into a top (which covered my check more, and kept me warmer).


The Barcelona Cami that I packed was a top I picked up at Express earlier this year. I loved it so much I went back and bought a second one! It’s a lightweight cami that is reversible – so you get two different colours in one top. The silhouette is quite flattering, and it paired perfectly with the Aro pants. Alone, it made the perfect outfit for cocktails at night. With the Wanderlust Wrap added, it was my go-to business casual outfit for the flight.


To complete my outfits, I packed my new pair of foldable flats from Tieks. These ballet flats are not only the most comfforbtale flats I’ve ever owned, but they also fold up into a tiny pouch when not in use. During the flights I wore a pair of leather booties and kept these flats in my purse. This allowed me to wear my heavier shoes on the plane, and fit a second pair of flats into my tiny backpack.


And there you have it! Stylish business travel, fit into one small bag! I’d love to hear your tips for packing light – especially for business travel. Tweet me with your tips and I’ll be sure to share your advice with my followers!