Kelly Ella Maz Roadtripping On A Budget

Roadtripping On A Budget

One of the best memories I have from Australia was renting a campervan and driving from Sydney to Byron Bay. For a country of that size, roadtripping was the easiest way to see a lot of the country in a short amount of time – and it was also shockingly affordable! Now that I’m back in North America I’ve been thinking about taking an autumn roadtrip, and since I’ve been doing a lot of research about this lately I wanted to share my tips for roadtripping on a budget!

Pack Light

If you stick to a minimalistic wardrobe and generally limit what you pack, then you can comfortably choose a much smaller RV! The smaller the RV the cheaper the price – and smaller RVs use significantly less gas, so you’ll save money at the pumps too!

Book Online

There are plenty of online sites where you can rent an RV, but RVshare has the best selection and the most competitive pricing. I also love how advanced their website’s search feature is – making it incredibly easy to choose the perfect RV based on your travel plans, group size and budget.

Travel Off-Season

If you plan your roadtrip during shoulder season (spring or autumn) you’ll normally find that parks have discounted overnight rates! Depending on the destinations you visit, you might find that the weather is still enjoyable – even in November!

Visit Lesser-Known Destinations

If you plan your overnight stays at lesser-known destinations, then your overnight park fees will be even less. You can still visit all the major stops/ cities during the day, but if you choose to park your RV and sleep in smaller towns you can save a ton of money.

Be Prepared For Meals

A little research goes a long way! If you plan on eating at restaurants I recommend searching “cheat eats in ___” online before your trip. Having a list of pre-selected affordable restaurants will avoid last-minute food decisions that results in going over-budget. Likewise, if you plan on cooking most of your meals in the RV you should plan out your meals ahead of time in order to stretch your budget!