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2016 Gift Guide for Travellers

It’s that time of the year again – our annual Gift Guide for Travellers! This year, our gift guide is bigger than ever before and we’ve also included a nifty PDF version that you can download for FREE. The gift guide is broken down into four categories: fashion, tech, adventure and miscellaneous. We’ve selected gifts at various price points, and tried to appeal to both men and women (maybe a little bit more for women!). Regardless, every item in this guide has been carefully selected based on quality, practicality and versatility – so that the traveller on your shopping list (or maybe even yourself) is guaranteed to love the gift you get them!


For The Fashion-Loving Traveller

For the fashion-loving traveller, gifts need to be both stylish and practical. The trick to purchasing useful fashion items for a traveller is to stick to neutral colours like black and tan, and to ensure that the pieces you buy are versatile.

Helene Clarkson Design Travel Clothing – from $50 CAD

Stylish travel clothes? It’s possible! Helene Clarkson Design makes the most beautiful pieces, most of which are reversible. One of my favourite pieces is the Sabi Reversible Halter, which can be worn as a high neck halter… or it can be turned around and worn as a v-neck . The Aro Cigarette Pants are another customer favourite. They’re as comfortable as yoga pants, but they look more like dress pants. Any fashionable traveller would love to have a closet filled with Helene Clarkson Design.

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JORD Wood Watch – $275 USD

A stylish watch is not only an beautiful gift to receive, but it’s also practical! Help your friend arrive to the airport on time with a gorgeous wood watch from JORD. The wood design is truly unique, and is surprisingly versatile. Since getting my wood watch I’ve been wearing it with everything in my closet – making it the perfect piece of jewellery for travel.

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Watches Made From Wood

Tieks Ballet Flats – $175 USD

These foldable flats are a must-have for every traveller. When not in use, they fold up and fit into a tiny little bag – making them a breeze to pack into your purse or carry-on. To top it off, these are easily the most comfortable and high quality ballet flats I’ve ever worn. The hardest part is trying to decide what colour to buy – but I suggest a neutral colour like “chestnut” to make sure that they match everything in your travel-lover’s wardrobe.

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Otg247 Packable Bags – from $45 USD

One of my latest travel obsessions is the incredible bags from Otg247. These numbered pouches come in ten different sizes (each one designed to hold different things), and make organized packing a breeze! I’m using my bags to organize both my suitcase and my carryon. The best thing about these bags, is that some of them come with removable shoulder straps so you can convert them into purses! The “#1” bag is the perfect size to hold items like a passport, wallet and keys all together in your carryon. Once you get to your destination, just add the long strap to turn it into a cross-body purse!

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Diane Kroe Wanderlust Wrap – $93 USD

This stylish top is my new favourite piece of clothing for flights! It can be worn four different ways, making it the perfect versatile item for a minimalist packing list. Wear it open as a cardigan, close it with the snap to wear it as a jacket, or unzip the hidden zipper to wear it as a shirt! The lightweight material means you can also tie the sleeves around your waist and wear it as a sarong. The hidden zipper technology is genius. The frequent flier on your shopping list will love the versatility and style of this top!

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Trrtlz Bracelets – $10 USD

These affordable bracelets were made for sharing, which makes them perfect for the social traveller on your list! For only $10 you can get a pack for 10 bracelets, and the idea is that you share them with other travellers as you travel. Trrtlz bracelets are perfect as a stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift since they’re small and budget-friendly.

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For The Tech-Loving Traveller

From great photos to cool gadgets, the tech-loving traveller always wants the latest & greatest products! If tech products are over-budget for your shopping list, considered tech accessories too.

EHANG Ghoftdrone 2.0 – $700 USD

Help your travel-loving friend take their travel photography to the next level with the EHANG Ghostdrone! This drone is easy to use, comes in two colours and connects to your smartphone. The drone also comes with VR goggles that allow you to see exactly what the drone’s camera is seeing, while you’re flying it. You can even tilt your head (while wearing the goggles) to tilt the camera!

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Knekt GoPro Dome – $460 USD

Every wonder how some people get underwater photos that perfectly show the underwater scene AND the overwater views? The Knekt GoPro Dome attachment is the answer! Help the traveller on your list take their GoPro photos to the next level with this must-have attachment.

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Each Jewels Earrings – $68 USD

These earrings are one of the coolest travel products I’ve seen lately! The channel through the centre of the earrings was cleverly designed to hold your headphones in place – so no more headphones falling out while you’re switching sleeping positions on a place. How amazing is that? They also work well for working out – holding your headphones in place while you run, jump or lift weights.

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Polaroid Zip – $175 CAD

This instant printer allows you to print off any picture on your smartphone onto paper with a sticky backing! This is a fun device to travel with because you can instantly share pictures with your friends, and you can stick them onto your luggage or travel journal as a souvenir.

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Dolica Reversible Traveler Tripod – $90 USD

Dolica’s travel-friendly tripod is a must-pack item for me! I use it for nighttime photography, selfies and portraits of Paul & I. It works perfectly with a remote or the built-in timer feature that most camera’s have. This tripod is shockingly light, and it comes in an easy-to-carry bag that makes carrying the tripod around while sightseeing very easy.

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For The Adventure-Loving Traveller

Adventure travellers need exciting gifts that are both useful and durable! The items listed below are sure to excite adventurous travellers.

Love Travel Co Dry Bags – $25 USD

Dry bags are a must-have for protecting everything from your camera to your phone while travelling! I use my Love Travel Co dry bags for beach days, snow-filled adventures and rainy weather – and I love how these stylish bags safely protect my belongings from sand and water. Unlike dry bags that you typically see being sold in Southeast Asia, these bags from Love Travel Co are much higher quality. To top it off, they come packaged so beautifully! You wouldn’t even need to wrap these dry bags before giving them away for Christmas, just place them under the tree exactly as they arrived.

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Magic Carpet Yoga Mats – $93 USD

For any yoga-loving traveller, there’s no better gift than a beautiful yoga mat! The mats from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are truly unique, and each mat is designed to look like a carpet. These are much more stylish than a solid coloured-mat, and make a thoughtful Christmas gift for your yoga-loving traveller.

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Davek Travel Umbrella – $90 CAD

Getting caught in the rain doesn’t stop an adventure-seeker from sightseeing – so they need a lightweight, durable umbrella to travel with! The Traveller Umbrella from Davek New York comes with a lifetime guarantee, cover and leather wrist strap that can clip onto any bag. The umbrellas come packaged in a beautiful gift box, making them perfect for gift giving!

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Skyroam Hotspot – $100 USD

Help your friends stay connect overseas with the Skyroam hotspot! This hand little device lets you connect your devices to the internet while travelling abroad, and it comes in a convenient carrying kit – so it fits perfectly in your backpack or carryon. With a gift like this, your friend will be able to share travel photos, check emails and connect on Facebook while they travel.

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For The Traveller Who Has Everything

What do you buy for the traveller who already owns everything? Unique, practical items that they’ll be sure to pack on their next vacation! In this section, I’ve listed out five incredible travel products that are perfect for that hard-to-shop for person on your list.

Spruce & Co Cleansing Wipes – from $8 USD

These individually packaged screen cleaning wipes are perfect for phones, tablets and laptop screens…. but they also come in handy for airplane tv screens too! A box of these wipes will help your travel buddy keep clean and germ-free on their travels, and the cute packaging makes them an instant hit.

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Joy Mangano Go Mini Steamer – $20 USD

Give the gift of wrinkle-free clothes! This travel-friendly clothing steamer is perfect for anyone who travels a lot for business, or for your stylish friend who always likes to look perfectly put together. The Joy Mangano Mini steamer is easy to pack, and holds enough water to steam about 3 shirts at once.

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LoveBirds LA Camera Strap – $54 USD

Help your friend ditch the boring black camera strap, and give them a unique and stylish strap instead! Lovebirds LA makes amazing, high quality camera straps – and some of them even come with removable tassels!

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Sarah Smile Airport Code Pillow – $35 CAD

These handmade pillows by Sarah Smile can be customized with any airport code on them – so you can help your friend show off their favourite city with their home decor! These pillows are very high quality, and the linen fabric goes well with anything.

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The Decal Guru Macbook Skyline Decal – $13 USD

Skyline decals for laptops are the best way to help your friend declare their love for their favourite city! The Decal Guru makes skyline decals for varies cities, and they’re all high quality and easy to remove if you happen to change your mind on what city you love most. This affordable gift is perfect for secret Santa!

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