Visiting Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto

With tropical turquoise waters, a rocky cliff and lush green trees it’s hard to believe that Scarborough Bluffs is in Canada – let alone just a few minutes from downtown Toronto! This exotic escape feels more like a Caribbean island, which is probably why it’s growing in popularity and appears to be the number one more Instagrammed spot in Toronto this summer. While visiting Scarborough Bluffs is certainly something I recommend doing, I did feel like the hundreds of Instagram posts I had seen here were a little bit misleading…

It seems like everyone arrives to The Bluffs decked out in workout gear and their Instagram pictures are captioned with “#hiking”. The truth is, the lookout is barely a 30 second walk from the parking lot, so absolutely no hiking or athletic skills are required to get here. I felt a tiny bit tricked by these posts and was also a bit disappointed that my visit here would’t count as my workout for the day. None the less, this is easily my favourite lookout/ view point in all of Ontario! I think the pictures below really speak for themselves.


How to Get There

Getting here is easy, and it’s only about a 25 minute drive from downtown Toronto… but if you search for the wrong destination you could find yourself lost. If you search “Scarborough Bluffs” on Google Maps it will take you to the marina and beach at the bottom of the cliff. This area is worth a visit if you want to go to the beach, but if you’re looking for the cliff tops with the incredible views then you need to search “Cathedral Bluffs Lookout” on Google Maps. The address is roughly 2 Cecil Crescent, Scarborough, Ontario. See it on Google Maps here.



What to See

Most people come to Scarborough Bluffs with the goal of snapping some awesome Instagram-worthy shots at the top of the cliff. There’s no shortage of photo opportunities here! If you want, you can also drive down to the marina area to visit the beach.

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Bathing suit & towel (if you want to go down to the beach)
  • A picnic lunch – there’s a big grassy area where you can picnic