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Restaurant Review: La Plata

Whenever anyone asks me a restaurant suggestion in Barcelona, La Plata is the first place I think of. This is the most authentic tapas bar in all of Barcelona – and it’s been open since 1945! It’s impossible for me to visit Barcelona without stopping here at least once or twice – and when Paul and I used to live in Barcelona we went almost every week. What sets this place¬†apart from the others is how authentic it is. You won’t find a menu here, and they certainly don’t sell paella and sangria! If you want a true Barcelona tapas experience then this is the only place to go.


La Plata serves only four dishes – the same four dishes they’ve been serving since they opened 70+ years ago! The dishes are:

  • Pan cot tomate (tomato bread)
  • Bread topped with sausage
  • Fried sardines
  • Tomato and onion salad

The dishes are small servings (as you can see in the picture below), but they’re great for sharing. We usually go to La Plata as more of a pre-dinner appetizer, rather than a main meal. My suggestion is that you order one of each dish so you can try them all! If you’re travelling as a group, I would order one of each plate for every 2-3 people in your group. They also serve wine for about 1 euro per small glass. If you’re feeling adventurous, order wine in the carafe instead – and drink it straight from the bottle! The further away you hold it from your mouth while drinking it, the cooler you are.

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Kelly Ella Maz_La Plata_Wine

In addition to the cheap wine and delicious food, one of the main reasons we keep coming back to La Plata is the amazing staff! The atmosphere at La Plata is great too. It’s a mix of locals and in-the-know tourists. With only 6 tables it’s hard to get a seat here, but locals know to just crowd around the bar. You can also take your drink out into the street and observe the bustling restaurant from an outside perspective. In true Spanish fashion, La Plata is usually closed the month of August – so check out their Facebook page before you visit.

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