The Shopaholic’s Guide to Shopping in Ibiza

If you’re headed to Ibiza make sure you leave room in your suitcase – cause shopping in Ibiza is unlike anywhere else in the world! Their fashion and home decor items are one of a kind, and uniquely “Ibiza”. I would be quite happy to have an entire wardrobe filled with stuff purchased only in Ibiza, and I could never get tired of their colourful accessories and beautiful footwear either! On my most recent trip to Ibiza, I took the time to keep track of all my favourite stores so that you can check them out too! Here it is ladies, my shopaholic’s guide to Ibiza:



  • Basket Beach Ibiza – As the name implies, this store specializes in beach baskets! They make the most stunning bags with colourful handles and starfish. The bag I purchased here is one of my most treasured Ibiza purchases! In addition to beach bags they also sell gorgeous clothes, shoes and jewellery. If you only visit one store in Ibiza it needs to be this place!

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_Basket Beach Ibiza

  • Sal de Ibiza – Sal de Ibiza is not only a brand of gourmet sea salt, but their store is also home to many local swimwear and fashion brands! I love visiting this store to stock up on my favourite salts (regular and flavoured ones), but also to check out their unique bikinis! The store itself is also gorgeous – and the entire property feels like it belongs on Pinterest.

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_Sal de Ibiza

  • Cha-Cha – Located in Dalt Vila, Cha-Cha has a stunning selection of locally-made dresses, belts and other items. On my most recent trip to Ibiza I purchased a beautiful white dress with colourful accents on it. The owners are very friendly too!

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_Cha-Cha

  • Mirage Beachwear – The clothes in this store are stunning. Mirage Beachwear sells clothing that perfect represents Ibiza, but what sets them apart from other stores is the quality of their clothes. This is one of the most expensive stores in this article, but anything you purchase here is going to be something you own (and wear) for years to come.

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_Mirage Beachwear

  • Ibiza Bagus – This small shop has a great selection of boho-style purses and colourful dresses. It’s hard to miss this store with their vibrant clothes on display! Their full-length bathing suit coverups are beautiful.

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_Ibiza Bagus

  • Libertad – What I love most about this store is that everything they sell is very “Ibiza boho style”, yet their selection is very unique. You tend to see a lot of the same things over and over in Ibiza Town, but Libertad sells stuff that I never see anywhere else.

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_Libertad

  • Leopandra – This is my favourite store for dresses, kaftans and bathing suit coverups! They have a huge selection, with light airy dresses in almost any colour imaginable. Honestly, if I had enough money I would just buy one of each thing in this store.

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_Leopandra

  • Divina – This boutique is located in Dalt Vila, and they sell beautiful white dresses and men’s shirts. Casual, yet luxurious – the items that they sell here will never go out of style! This is one of the best places to buy a classic Ibiza white dress.

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_Divina

  • Karma of Charme – This store sells the most unique and beautiful boots. They’re all quite casual, but with a touch of glam. No Ibiza wardrobe is complete without a pair of these flat boots!

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_Karma of Charme

  • De Mil Amore – This small shop is filled with colourful purses and jewellery. I particularly love their over-the-top necklaces and belts here! If you’re on budget, or don’t have much room left in your suitcase, then I suggest picking up something small from this shop to bring home a bit of Ibiza!

Kelly Ella Maz_The Shopaholic's Guide to Shopping in Ibiza_De Mil Amores


Wondering what to bring home from your Ibiza trip? Here’s my list of the top three things you should buy:

  • A beautiful teal jar of sea salt from Sal de Ibiza
  • A straw beach bag from Basket Beach Ibiza
  • A white boho-style dress from a local boutique

Kelly Ella Maz_Basket Beach Ibiza


European shopping trips get a whole lot cheaper when you take advantage of the VAT refund! As long as you are not a EU citizen and you spend 175€ in one store you are eligible for a VAT refund. If your qualify, then you just need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure you get the Retail Export Form from the store. Do not leave without it! The retailer needs to give you this form, examine your purchase and stamp the form after you fill out your information.
  • The refund process happens at the airport, just ask staff where the VAT Refund Counter is. Customs agents will want to see your forms, your receipts and usually the products. That means you can’t pack your purchases in your checked luggage. You need to bring them in your carryon!
  • Once the custom agent has stamped your form (therefore approving it) you have to mail your forms to submit for your VAT refund via credit card.
  • To my knowledge, you can request a cash refund at the airport for a fee of 3€. This saves you the hassle of following up months after if you never receive your refund. 

Be patient after mailing in your forms! Many shoppers agree, it can take months to receive your VAT refund after leaving Europe.