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Hotel Review: Chic&Basic Born

Barcelona has one of the highest number of hotels per capita, in all of Europe. Dozens and dozens of “cookie cutter” hotels give you the same mediocre experience time and time again – which is why Paul and I were thrilled to discover Chic&Basic Born! Not only is this hotel incomparable to anything else in Barcelona, but I’d argue that it’s one of the most fun and unique hotels in the world. The combination of design, practicality and location make Chic&Basic Born my top pick for hotels in Barcelona. Keep reading to see why…


When we stepped out of the elevator the first thing out of my mouth was “wow!”. The interior of Chic&Basic Born is seriously unlike any hotel I’ve ever seen. Beaded curtains block the entrance to each hotel room, with different coloured florescent lighting turning each entry into a unique colour. These glowing entrances are a bold design choice, and the fun design is what makes the hotel so memorable! Each time we returned to the hotel and walked to our room it was like walking through a colourful maze!

Kelly Ella Maz_Chic&Basic Born_Hotel Hallway

We stayed in a “Double Superior Room with Balcony” that was equally as cool! The room was such a unique balance between modern and traditional. The furniture, accents and decor were very modern, but the authentic crown holding and high ceilings made for a stunning contrast. The mostly white room had a beaded curtain (similar to the room entrance) covering one wall, and the customized lighting allowed us to change to colour of the room to anything we wanted (see examples of this in the video below)!

Another cool feature of this room was the multi-use furniture. A round ottoman with a plastic tray on top could be used as a table – but when the two pieces were separated they became a cushioned seat and a bed tray. Likewise, the triangular bedside tables could be turned sideways and placed on the bed as a backrest. How amazing is that? This hotel is the perfect example of a small space being utilized to the max!

Kelly Ella Maz_Chic&Basic Born_Bed

Kelly Ella Maz_Chic&Basic Born_Doubel Superior Room

The bathroom was equally unique, with a glassed-in shower situated in the middle of the room. The pedestal sink lacked storage space, but they creatively made up for this with two large metal trays. In front of the bathroom was huge windows and access to the balcony – which was a great source of natural light and made the entire room feel very airy. Of course, no detail was left untouched and both the shower and the windows came with easy-to-use curtains that could be closed for privacy.

Kelly Ella Maz_Chic&Basic Born_Double Superior Bathroom

Kelly Ella Maz_Chic&Basic Born_Bathroom

Instead of stocking each room with a mini bar, Chic&Basic Born has a section of the hotel called “Help Yourself” where guests have access to complimentary tea, coffee and bottled water. This is also where you can get ice, ice buckets and cups. By storing this stuff outside of the guest rooms, it really helps maximize your in-room space! The bar fridge and microwave also made this a convenient spot to warm up leftover paella. The “Be Yourself” seating area was a great place to relax, work on my laptop and read magazines. Barcelona is a busy, bustling city… so having this “retreat” was much appreciated!

Kelly Ella Maz_Chic&Basic Born_Tea

Kelly Ella Maz_Chic&Basic Born_Be Yourself

On the main level of the hotel is a great restaurant and cafe called “Meeting Point”. This is where they serve a buffet breakfast each morning, complete with traditional Spanish  omelette and pan cot tomate! The friendly barista serves up delicious coffee and the front desk staff are always available to help you plan your day and answer questions. In addition to breakfast, we also hung out at Meeting Point during the afternoon for a mid-day coffee break.

Kelly Ella Maz_Chic&Basic Born_Breakfast

Kelly Ella Maz_Chic&Basic Born_Coffee

Above all, one of the best things about Chic&Basic Born is the incredible location in the heart of the El Born neighbourhood. Everything from restaurants, shopping and the beach are in walking distance! You also have easy access to the Arc de Triomf metro and train station, which is very convenient. To take a closer look at our stay (and see that fun colour-changing room I told you about!) check out the video below. Visit to view room rates and availability.

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to Chic&Basic Born as guests, however our opinions remain our own.