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Restaurant Review: Huth Gastwirtschaft

One of the best things about visiting a foreign country is sampling the local food. Unfortunately, as a tourist it can sometimes be difficult to find restaurants that serve authentic, high quality food. Luckily for us, during our recent trip to Vienna it was suggested that we visit Huth Gastwirtschaft for an authentic Austrian meal of schnitzel. It ended up being one of our most memorable meals of our entire Europe trip!

Huth Gastwirtschaft

Although centrally located in the middle of downtown Vienna, Huth Gastwirtschaft appears to cater more to locals than tourists. The night we visited the restaurant was expecting a full house, and everyone around us was speaking German… which was obviously a great sign! For this reason, I strongly suggest that you make a reservation ahead of time. [Reserve online here]

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To start our meal, we were served freshly baked bread and a homemade pate. The pate was delicious, and the best I’ve ever had a restaurant. It tasted like it had just been made by someone’s grandma that day. The quality of this appetizer was a wonderful indication of how the rest of the meal would be!

For mains, Paul and I both ordered the classic veal schnitzel. This is their most famous dish, and something that Vienna is known for, so we couldn’t imagine ordering anything else. It’s unlike any schnitzel I’ve ever had before – full of flavour, moist, and the perfect amount of breading. I was quite impressed by how even and thin the breading was!

Next time I visit this restaurant, I would like to try something off their monthly menu. I’m confident that the seasonal menu items they prepare would be just a delicious as the schnitzel, and would likely include local in-season ingredients.

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Kelly Ella Maz_Huth Gastwirtschaft_Classic Veal Schnitzel

Not only was our meal fantastic, but I also believe the prices are very affordable (the Veal Schnitzel is 13.90). There are many other restaurants nearby where you would pay double the price for a meal of much lower quality, which is why Huth Gastwirtschaft has such long reputation among locals for being one of the best restaurants in Vienna!

If you’re planning a visit to Vienna be sure to include Huth Gastwirtschaft in your itinerary, and make a reservation ahead of time to guarantee availability. Huth also own two other restaurants that are located across the street: Da Mortiz Huth specializes in pasta and pizza, while Da Max Huth is a popular grill house. After such an amazing meal at Huth Gastwirtschaft I wouldn’t hesitate to try one of their other restaurants too!