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Getting From Budapest to Timisoara

If you ever tried getting from Budapest to Timisoara, you’d know that there’s no easy way to do it. When travelling from Hungary to Romania this a popular route, but the train connection is very long and the flights can be expensive and limited to certain day or times.

Thankfully, for our most recent trip to Hungary and Romania we discovered Trans-Fair! This Romanian company offers shuttle services between Budapest and Timisoara for reasonable prices. We used them this summer and we’re very pleased with the experience, so we wanted to share it with readers who may be looking for the best way to connect between these two cities.

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For starters, communication with the company was very easy and they responded to my email in perfect English – which is very important if you don’t speak Romanian! We pre-arranged our shuttle and I was given a time for pickup at our hotel in Budapest. The fact that they picked us up directly from our hotel was very convenient, and our driver even arrived a few minutes earlier which showed great professional service! We also loved that the shuttle van was spacious, comfortable and air conditioned.

Trans-Fair will pick you up from your hotel, but they also provide pick up from the airport in Budapest. We opted for the shared shuttle and had one more passenger in our van who needed to be picked up at the airport before we made the journey to Timisoara.

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Communication with the driver was excellent too. Paul speaks fluent Romanian, so that was obviously an advantage for us, but the driver could speak English as well. I really appreciated that throughout the drive the driver asked if anyone needed to stop for a washroom break. Since it’s a long journey (a little over three hours) this was much appreciated, and once again a sign of great service.

When we got to the Hungarian-Romanian border the driver took care of everything. He collected our passports and communicated with the border officials in each country, which made the entire process of crossing into another country incredibly easy!

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Only one hour after crossing the border we arrived in Timisoara, where our driver took us straight to our next hotel. The entire experience was comfortable, easy and stress-free. The cost versus amount of time also made it an ideal option if flights are not available and you want to avoid the trains.

In addition to driving between Budapest and Timisoara, Tran-Fair also offers shuttles to Vienna, Belgrade and Arad Airport. To find prices and contact information please check out their website.

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The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to Trans-Fair as guests, however our opinions remain our own.