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Hotel Review: Ruby Marie Hotel

When you spend more nights sleeping in a hotel than you do at home, it takes a lot for a hotel to impress you. I was happily surprised when I arrived at Ruby Marie Hotel and discovered how chic and modern this boutique hotel was! It didn’t take long for this Vienna hotel to become one of my all-time favs.

Ruby Marie Hotel

We arrived at the hotel on the ground floor, and followed the sign on the elevator to the 5th floor reception. One of the first things we noticed was that the hotel didn’t have a front desk or reception staff! Instead, the inviting space had a large bar and tons of seating. Instead of a front desk, they had a self check-in kiosk. I entered my last name, and a few clicks later the machine printed out two room keys!! It was so quick and easy, and with multiple stations it also meant we didn’t have to wait in any lines. Also, the bar staff were quick to greet us and offered assistance with check in. It was simple enough that we didn’t need help, but it was nice to know someone was there is we needed it.

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Lobby

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Check In

After receiving our room keys we made our way up to our Loft Room on the 8th floor. The room was spacious with a clean and bright decor of mostly white. The big, luxurious bed was incredibly comfortable and the adjoining bathroom had a gorgeous shower. One of the coolest features of our room was that it came with a Marshall amplifier! We were able to plug in our iPhones and listen to music while we were unpacking, which was a really good way to start our stay. Our room also had a spacious balcony with stunning views of the city.

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Loft Room

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Loft Room Shower

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Loft Room Bed

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Loft Room View

Breakfast was included with our stay, and it was a gourmet buffet served on the 5th floor, right behind the bar. They had ample seating options, including a gorgeous outdoor terrace. This same area is used during the day and evening as seating for their bar. This is a very trendy hotel in Vienna, so it appeared that there was a good number of non-hotel guests at the bar as well. We enjoyed mojitos one night before heading to dinner. Not only were our drinks very high quality (and delicious!) but the ambiance and vibe of the bar was very fun and friendly. If we had more time in Vienna we probably would have spent an entire night hanging out at the bar!

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Kelly Breakfast

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Lounge

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Terrace

What really set this hotel apart from the others was the amenities! First off, they had a yoga room that could be used at any time. They had a few mats available, but since I always travel with a yoga mat I used my own. They also had a movie theatre room with teared seating. They aired three movies per night, and they were free of charge for hotel guests! Another cool feature was that next to the vending machine on each floor was an ironing board. I thought this was genius! It gave us the option of using an ironing board if we needed it, but it didn’t take up unnecessary space in our hotel room. Lastly, they had a workspace room with books and gallery with complimentary tea.

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Yoga

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Movie Theatre

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Iron

Kelly Ella Maz_Ruby Marie Hotel_Tea

Ruby Marie Hotel is conveniently located just a few steps away from the Westbahnhof metro station. From this station we could quickly and easily get to any attraction, restaurant or neighbourhood in Vienna. One thing I absolutely must mention to potential guests is that Vienna’s metro system is NOT shown on Google Maps. As a result, Ruby Marie Hotel may appear to be a long distance away from the centre of the city… but in reality it’s very close! For example, Google Maps said that it would take over an hour to get to the city centre (because it was suggesting we take a combination of three trams and buses). On the metro however, it only took us 10 minutes to get where we wanted to go.

Not only is this Vienna’s best hotels, but it’s also the coolest hotels I’ve ever seen! If you’re planning a trip to Vienna I highly recommend you stay here. You’ll love the friendly service and beautiful rooms, but it will be the “cool factor” that will make it a memorable stay! Wanna see more? Check out our video tour:

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to Ruby Marie Hotel as guests, however our opinions remain our own.