Kelly Ella Maz Visiting Elora Quarry Canada Day

Visiting Elora Quarry

Two hours northwest of Toronto (or twenty minutes north of my hometown, Guelph) is a small town called Elora. This quite town doesn’t seem like a vacation hotspot, but on summer days the town is flooded with visitors who all want to cool off in the exotic-looking quarry. Visiting Elora Quarry is something I try to do every summer, but I’ve missed the last couple of years while chasing adventures abroad…. so I was ecstatic to make my return this summer!


Quick Tips for Visiting Elora Quarry:

  • Opening times: 10am – 8pm on weekends & holidays; 11am – 8pm on weekdays
  • Cost: $6 for adults
  • Rules: No dogs, no alcohol and no jumping

Kelly Ella Maz_Visiting Elora Quarry


The actual beach area at Elora Quarry where you can lay down your towel is quite small, so if you arrive later in the day you’ll probably have to lay down far from the water. Because of a small hill on this area, laying your towel this far from the water means you don’t have a very nice view. When we arrived at 11am on a Monday morning there were 8 cars in line waiting for the gates to open, and a steady stream of new cars arriving once they did open the gates. 

Given this area’s small size and huge popularity I would definitely recommend visiting right at open. We were quite happy spending the morning here, and when we left in the early afternoon we noticed that a large number of people were just arriving. 



You won’t find any restaurants or stores nearby (except a tiny french fry shop across the street from the parking lot), so it’s best to bring some food and drinks with you. There’s also not a ton of shade, so be sure to pack an umbrella or at least sunscreen. If you happen to visit on a day that’s not too busy there’s also a big enough area for you to play with a frisbee or volleyball, so bring one if you are the time of beach-goer that can’t sit still!

Kelly Ella Maz_Visiting Elora Quarry_swimming hole


While you’re in Elora you might as well make use of your time and visit the Elora Gorge as well. This conservation area is only a 5 minute drive from the Quarry. At Elora Gorge there are tons are stunning viewpoints for pictures and plenty of walking trails. If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting than a walking trail they also have tubing and ziplines on the gorge.

Not far from Elora is a small town called Fergus. If you you’re looking for the perfect place for lunch or dinner after a beautiful day in Elora then you should stop by My Kitchen by Gancena. This small restaurant is an incredible dining experience that you won’t forget – and the perfect way to end your day!

Kelly Ella Maz_Visiting Elora Quarry_Elora Gorge Viewpoint