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Product Review: Samsonite Lift NXT Luggage

Hard luggage versus soft luggage is a hot debate in our house! I’m absolutely swooning over my new Samsonite Winfield 3 hard-side set, while Paul is loving the huge interior and lightweight material of the brand new Samsonite Lift NXT collection. Luckily for us, this means we get the best of both worlds – trying out one set of hard luggage, and one set of soft. Samsonite’s Lift NXT collection hit stores earlier this month, and thanks to our friends at Samsonite Canada we got our hands on a set right away. After taking them for a spin at Pearson Airport and a few weekend getaways, we’ve got in-depth review to share with you to help you decide if the Samsonite Lift NXT is the right luggage for you!

Samsonite Lift NXT

The Lift NXT collection includes three spinners (carry-on, medium and large), as well as three additional pieces designed for business travel (such as wheeled garnet bags). The collection has a certain class about it – which is what makes it such an attractive bag for leisure travellers and business travellers alike. Unlike some of the other Samsonite collections, the Lift NXT doesn’t come in bright colours – instead, it comes in three sophisticated shades: teal, black and charcoal. Since we travel for both work and fun, the style of this bag is an excellent match for us.

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Kelly Ella Maz_Samsonite Lift NXT Luggage Review

As always, the wheels of a suitcase tend to be one of the most important features. Bad wheels can really ruin a bag! The four spinning wheels on this set are not only durable, but they are extremely smooth. With THREE piece of luggage in hand I was able to easily maneuver my luggage through the crowds at Pearson Airport. I also love that the suitcases can easily be rolled on all four wheels, or pulled on two wheels. When navigating through crowds I sometimes found it easier to fit through tight spaces by rolling the suitcases on two wheels instead of four, and the handling the bags between these two “driving styles” was a breeze.

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My favourite feature of the Lift NXT collection is the sleek handles. Not only are the comfortable to grab onto, but the unique built-in design of these handles means that there is less sticking out from the top and the side of the suitcase. After a few years of use, I imagine this smart design will show it’s age a lot less than other bags. In general, the less sticking out from a bag – the better! The only thing missing from this luggage is built-in TSA locks. When you purchase the Lift NXT collection you’re also going to want to pick up a set of locks.

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The interior of the suitcases are huge! With minimal interior organization, the Lift NXT gives you a deep open space to pack bulky items. This design is going to come in very handy for Paul & I when we need to pack camera equipment (such as our drone). There are a few interior zipper pockets, but they are discreetly placed behind the lid and along the inside of the suitcase so not to take away from the main compartment. If you like to pack with packing cubes and multiple toiletry bags for storage, this bag would be perfect for you.

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In general, the balance of durability and weight is perfect on the Lift NXT. I’m impressed that the sizeable carry-on weighs in at only 2.92kg, while the medium sized spinner is only 3.94kg. Best of all, the polyester fabric is surprisingly durable for such  lightweight fabric. It would take a lot of wear and tear to damage this luggage – which is exactly what you want from your suitcases! I have confidence that I’ll be using this luggage 5-10 years from now, with all the features still in fantastic condition. This collection is not yet available on the Samsonite Canada website, but keep your eyes peeled because it will be available soon!

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The product in this article was gifted to us from Samsonite Canada, however our opinions remain our own.