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Best Tech for Travel

Getting the perfect travel pictures is not only a huge part of my job, but it’s also something that I love doing! Coming home with incredible snapshots from our adventures around the world is the best souvenir I could ask for. In order to get the perfect shot every single time, we realized we needed to the right equipment to do the job – and different settings call for different tech! In case you’re wondering what sort of stuff you should be travelling with, we’ve create a list of the best tech for travel so you can get perfect vacation shots too!

GoPro Hero 4

Kelly Ella Maz_Best Tech for Travel_GoPro Hero 4

Small, lightweight and easy to use. We all know what a GoPro is by now – but if you don’t have one, it’s time to invest! These tiny action cameras have been a staple in our suitcases, and we use our GoPros for everything from extreme sports to snorkelling. We’ve capture footage of ourselves swimming with sharks, ziplining through a jungle and rock climbing in the middle of downtown Brisbane. There’s also no limit to what you can do with a GoPro thanks to hundreds of after-market accessories!

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Dolica Reversible Traveler Tripod

Kelly Ella Maz_Best Tech for Travel_Dolica Tripod

A tripod is an absolutely necessity for great travel photos. We use the Dolica Reversible Traveler Tripod because it’s both high quality and lightweight. It even comes with a handy bag that makes carrying it while sightseeing easy. When paired with a remote this tripod allows us to get stunning pictures of both of us, which has eliminated the need for us to ask strangers to take our picture (which always results in blurry, off-centre shots). As a result, we captured some of our best “couples pictures” ever on our recent trip to Europe!

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Knekt Dome

Kelly Ella Maz_Best Tech for Travel_Knekt Dome

Have you ever been amazed by a stunning shot that appeared to be half underwater, and half overwater? Paul and I tried relentlessly to capture these shots with our GoPro but they never turned out. We eventually learned that all the pros were using a Knekt Dome with their GoPro to capture these shots! How it works, is that the dome moves the waterline a few inches away from the camera lens – which is what allows you to get that perfectly clear ( and balanced) shot both underwater, and above! Just check out the incredible shot we got at the rooftop pool at the Thompson Toronto! I’m so exited to have this accessory in our camera kit – and I’m pretty sure it will be our most-used piece of tech this summer.

Tip: Use the trigger attachment to make taking pictures even easier – and put your GoPro on burst mode!

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Polaroid Snap

Kelly Ella Maz_Best Tech for Travel_Polaroid Snap

There’s a certain nostalgic feeling that comes from having a printed picture in your hand – which is why I’m obsessed with my Polaroid Snap lately! And don’t think that just because you’re using a Polaroid Snap instead of your iPhone to snap a picture that you can’t post it on social media…. “picture in picture” style photos are a fun way to share your printed pic on Instagram!

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EHANG Ghostdrone

Kelly Ella Maz_Best Tech for Travel_Ghostdrone

Ready to take your vacation pics to the next level? We were – which is why I’m so thrilled to have finally gotten my hands on the EHANG GHOSTDRONE! Straight out of the box, this drone was incredibly easy to use. The navigation is controlled from the smartphone app, and the camera is controlled by a pair of VR goggles. This is probably the most exciting piece of camera equipment we’ve ever owned, and I seriously can’t wait to see what kind of footage we capture with it in Europe this summer!

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LovebirdsLA Camera Strap

Kelly Ella Maz_Best Tech for Travel_Lovebirds LA camera Straps

The standard camera strap that came with my Nikon DSLR was boring, so I went on the hunt for a fashionable camera strap. When I discovered LovebirdsLA it was love at first sight! Now only are their straps gorgeous, but they’re also very high quality – meaning I can wear my pricey DSLR around my neck with full confidence that this strap is going to do it’s job. LovebirdsLA has a wide range of styles, and we currently own two different ones. My pink & blue style comes with a hot pink tassle that I absolutely LOVE! It’s such a cute design element that looks great. We also have a green, earthy tone strap that adds a touch of style but is slightly less feminine – perfect for when Paul is carrying my camera and doesn’t really want to be seen with a hot pink tassled camera strap (lol). Overall, these straps are gorgeous, durable and a steal at only $54!

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Products featured in this article were gifted to the team at Kelly Ella Maz, however our opinions remain our own.