Kelly Ella Maz Must Pack Travel Accessories 2016

Must-Pack Travel Accessories

When I traded in office life for full-time travel, I had to change my shopping habits. When you live out of a suitcase you can’t own a huge amount of clothes because you simply can’t carry it all. Now that I buy less clothes, I’ve had to find a way to fill that shopping void – so I’ve become a bit obsessed with travel accessories! If you’re looking to make your travel life more convenient, or if you need a great gift idea for a fellow travellers, this list is for you! Here are my must-pack travel accessories: 

Travel Steamer

When I travel I stay primarily at luxury hotels, which is reflected by the clothes I pack. Jeans and yoga pants stay at home, and silk tops and dresses are always brought. If you’re travel style is similar to mine then you’ll be all-too familiar with the pain of dealing with wrinkled clothes. My latest travel accessory obsession solves this problem: “My Little Steamer Go Mini” from Joy Mangano! This adorable steamer comes in five fun colours, and it comes with a drawstring pouch for easy packing. To get an idea about it’s size, take a look at the picture above to compare it to the size of a passport. While it’s definitely the smallest steamer I’ve ever seen, it’s not exactly micro sized. Regardless, this is a MUST-PACK item for me. Never again will I be wearing wrinkled clothes in my travel pictures! [You can buy one here]

Kelly Ella Maz_Must-Pack Travel Accessories_My Little Steamer

Headphone Splitter

Ho many times have you and your spouse wanted to watch a movie together on your laptop during a flight? Seems simple enough until you realize that only one pair of headphones can be plugged in. That’s where headphone splitters come in! This tiny little device allows multiple pairs of headphones to listen to be plugged into the same thing (like your laptop or iPhone). I can’t travel without mine! Paul and I use it to listen to music together on bus rides and watching movies on our MacBook. This inexpensive accessory has paid for itself a thousand times in the last year. I picked up mine at Chapters for less than $10, but since then I’ve seen them at electronic stores and online. 

Kelly Ella Maz_Must-Pack Travel Accessories_Headphone Splitter

Packing Cubes

I wrote an entire article about my love for packing cubes, and if you haven’t used them yet I highly encourage that you do! I don’t think the brand of packing cubes matters, just try to find ones that fit nicely into your specific suitcase. Packing cubes can be very expensive, but I found mine at Ikea in Australia for very a very affordable price! The best thing about packing cubes is how easy it makes unpacking and packing. When I arrive at a hotel, I simple take out my packing cubes and place them on a shelf or inside a closet. No need to unpack everything individually! When it’s time to leave a hotel I simply zip up the cubes and put them pack in my suitcase. This is the best way to manage your belongings while you travel, and a must-pack travel accessory for me.

Kelly Ella Maz_Long Term Travel Packing 3

Travel Clothing Line

Until you’ve travelled for extended period of time through Southeast Asia you have no idea how useful a travel clothing line is! Lines like ours are called “pegless” because the twisted design replaces the need for clothes pins. We purchased ours at a travel store, but I’ve also seen them at stores that carry camping supplies. Each end of our clothing line has a hook, and it also came with suction cups. I’ve hung ours between two trees outside of private villas, and I’ve also hung it inside hotel room showers. No matter how you use it, a travel clothing line allows you to easily dry clothes. They hardly take up any space, making them a must-pack item for any vacation. At first I figured I would only need to pack this for long term travel, but now i’m using it on weekend trips as well because it’s perfect for drying wet bathing suits!

Kelly Ella Maz_Must-Pack Travel Accessories_travel Clothes Line

Thank you to Joy Mangano for sending me the clothes steamer – I love it!