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Hotel Review: J Plus Hotel

This hotel review of J Plus Hotel was written by Veronica Pototska. All images taken by Vitaliy Pototskiy, and edited by Veronica Pototska.

Most often the hotel where you stay defines the mood and quality of your entire journey to a new city or country. Each hotel has its own style, history, temper and vibes, some of them welcome you as their guests, whereas others are purely about business.

Hong Kong has a lot of different stays to offer depending on your budget, from luxury hotels, like the Ritz Carlton to apartments, and boutique hotels to hostels. But there is one that stands out among the others.

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If you choose to stay at a boutique hotel, you will get a different experience to the one a chain can offer. These boutique hotels usually have a concept and creative design and their owners collaborate with noted and creative designers and painters, find unusual furniture and dishes and hold art exhibitions. There are usually a lot of small details that make their guests’ stay unique and unforgettable. The J Plus Hotel By Yoo in Hong Kong is a wonderful example of a boutique hotel highly recommended for you to stay.

With 32 luxurious studios and 24 stylish, spacious suites and collection of designer furniture, the J Plus Hotel By Yoo is a perfect choice for design-oriented and fashion-forward or style-conscious travellers.

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Some travel guides say it does not matter in which part of the city you stay and recommend choosing accommodations with a nearby subway station. However, you would find that location is another important criteria. The best choice in Hong Hong is Times Square, the heart of the city, where life pulsates.

If you choose to stay at J Plus, it will meet many expectations and you will love it for: 

  • Location, location, location!
  • Rooms are spacious. When you are choosing a hotel in Hong Kong you have to remember that almost all of them have rather small rooms, whereas the studios and suites at J Plus are all spacious. Our suite had a bedroom, spacious living room with two sofas, desk, and a dining table, and a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator.
  •   Complimentary breakfast included boiled eggs, cheese, sliced sausage, yogurt, fresh vegetables, fruits and bakery.
  • The staff is very friendly and always willing to help.
  • Your stay includes free additional services such as complimentary wine in the evening, 24-hour tea, coffee, water and juice, free wifi, self-laundry service, access to the gym.
  • And there is one more service you would never expect to see in any other hotel in the world. Each room comes with a free smart phone to use during your stay at J Plus. Your mobile phone comes with unlimited phone calls to China and certain other countries and worldwide Internet access.

Have you ever seen so many complimentary services?

Accommodations are very reasonable and begin at 206 USD for 2 person, per night. Be aware that your credit card will be charged a deposit of 2000 HKD upon arrival. If you share trendy and exquisite lifestyle, then highly staying at J Plus Hotel By Yoo is highly recommended to you.

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