Kelly Ella Maz How To Pick An All Inclusive Resort Tips

How To Pick An All-Inclusive Resort

I love adventurous travel through countries like Australia and Thailand – but every once in a while I also like to take all-inclusive vacations to the Caribbean to truly relax! Since I’m always looking for great travel information online, I figured my fellow travellers would benefit from hearing my advice on how to pick an all-inclusive resort when planning a vacation.

About All-Inclusive Vacations

All-inclusive vacations are really popular with Canadian’s looking to escape the winter cold, but they’re fairly unheard of in other countries. For those who don’t know, all-inclusive vacations are packages that include your roundtrip flight, hotel, meals and alcohol at one price. They’re usually for one or two weeks, and it’s not uncommon to not leave your resort the entire time since they all have their own beaches, restaurants and activities. In the past, I’ve done all-inclusive vacation to Mexico, Cuba and Dominican Republic.

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Deciding What’s Important

I think one of the most important things when selecting a resort is making sure it meets all of your requirements. Here are some of my must-haves at any resort:

  • Adults only
  • At least 5 restaurants
  • A great beach
  • Wi-Fi (in-room at least!)

Other things you might add to your list of requirements:

  • Ocean view rooms
  • Gold course
  • Spa
  • 24 hour snacks
  • Gym

Kelly Ella Maz_How To Pick An All-Inclusive Resort

My Three-Step Process

Once I have my list of requirements I start looking for a resort using this three-step process:

  1. First up, I head to sites like Expedia to check what’s available in my price range. I filter the results by location, travel dates and my other requirements until I get a list of about 10 “maybe” hotels.
  2. Next, I cross reference the available (and affordable) resorts on TripAdvisor to see how they rank. I try to find hotels that are in the top 10% of overall hotels in that particular city, and I read the reviews to see what guests have to say about services and food selection.
  3. Last, I check out the traveller’s pictures to see what the resort REALLY looks like. I find that stock photos on resort websites can be either very misleading or outdated – but seeing actual traveller’s photos from recent visits is a very accurate look at what you can except.