Websites For Flight Deals

3 Websites for Flight Deals in 2016

Flights can be one of the most expensive parts of travelling, so it’s easy to see why finding a great deal is so important to travellers! Imagine if you were able to cut the cost of your flights by 50%? That could mean more trips per year, or the ability to splurge on luxury hotels and gourmet dinners! To help you out, I’ve got three great websites for flight deals that every traveller should know about:

Sometimes, having an extra layover (or two) can equal massive savings! Skip Lagged is an advanced search engine tool that finds you really cheap flights with a few extra stops. A recent flight from Toronto to Rio was 65% cheaper on Skip Lagged and included two layovers instead of one. If your schedule allows for a bit of extra flying time then you can find some incredible deals on this website. My experience is that this website is best for flights between North America and South America, as well as North America and Asia.

Secret Flying is a blog that shares the latest flight deals and error fares. You know when you hear about airlines making a mistake and some lucky travellers booked flights for 75% off? This website lets you know about it! A recent fellow traveller booked a flight from LA to Sydney for only $300 thanks to this website! This website is ideal for travellers who are flexible with dates and locations.

This website is specifically for my Canadian followers! YYZ Deals is a blog that shares the latest flight deals out of Toronto. (Tip: click on “From Other Cities” to find deals from other Canadian cities!). This website is perfect for travellers who don’t have a set destination, and are interested in picking their destination based on the best deals. My favourite recent deal was a flight from Toronto > Hong Kong > Taiwan > Japan > Toronto for $800! How amazing is that? That’s less money than a one-way flight to any one of those destinations, let alone a roundtrip flight that includes three cities!

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