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7 Reasons Why Travel is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself

Going to school, getting a corporate job and buying a house isn’t the “best thing you can do for yourself” – travelling is! Life is too short to not invest in your own happiness and explore new countries. Travelling has been linked to happiness several times, where Huffington Post has featured personal stories of travellers who have increased their mental well-being, built their self-confidence, created new memories and met new people! You can experience the reasons why travel is the best thing you can do too:

You meet new people.

Travellers are awesome people, and meeting fellow travellers overseas can lead to fantastic friendships! This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, since travellers are often easy going people with the shared interest of going on new adventures and exploring beautiful places. Some of the people I’ve met while travelling are now some of my closest friends! The best part is, I know I’ll always have someone to visit in countless countries around the world.

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You appreciate things more.

Some of the happiest people I’ve met have been those living in third world countries. In fact, some of the most generous people I’ve met overseas have been people who live in remote villages without basic necessities like running water and electricity. Travelling opens your eyes to how lucky we really are living in Canada/ America/ Australia, and makes you appreciate things much more than you did before. 

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You become more independent.

When you’re overseas and something goes wrong (big or small), you’re forced to take action yourself. You have less friends and family around to rely on, and as a result you need to step up and be more independent! In fact, the trend in single travelling has become more popular than ever, where 38% of tourists are said to be lone travellers. Even though I don’t travel by myself, there have been plenty of times when I was forced to be independent while travelling, and those new habits have stuck with me now that I’m home too.

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You become less materialistic.

When you’re travelling you can only carry a limited amount of stuff, so you have to be selective when it comes to what you bring. After travelling on a limited wardrobe you begin to realize that having less stuff isn’t a bad thing – and it can actually make life a bit easier! After travelling around the world for 19 months with only one suitcase, I came home to realize I no longer felt the need to own as much stuff. I’ve now been able to donate and sell a lot of my belongings, and live a minimalistic lifestyle. 


You experience new things.

Bathing elephants? Ziplining through a jungle? These aren’t things I could have experienced in Canada, but travelling has allowed me to try things I never thought I’d do before! Not only do I have great stories and pictures from these experiences, but I have the best memories. When we take on new adventures, we grow and become our best selves. Trying out new things can change various elements in your life, such as how you view your time. 

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You learn so much.

I’ve learned more things from travelling than I ever did in college. This is real-life education that can’t be taught from a classroom or a computer! How different societies operate, history lessons and business skills are all things I’ve learned while travelling. I like to call this “Travel University”!

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You expand your horizons.

There’s a whole world outside of your home country, and the only way to explore it is to jump on a flight and travel the world! One of the bad traits of a travel partner is being uptight, where instead of trying out new things, you decide to refuse going the fun. The best way to is to be able to compromise and do the things you’re not 100% keen on, as travelling really involves trying new foods, seeing exotic locations and experiencing completely different cultures. Expanding your horizons is not only exciting, but it’s also great for adding some excitement to your life or increasing creativity in your work.

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