Kelly Ella Maz Alma Del Temple Valencia Salad

Where to Eat in Valencia

I’ve already written about why I think Valencia is Europe most underrated city, and one of those reasons is the incredible food! Here’s my list of where to eat in Valencia, so you’re trip can be filled with just as many good meals as mine.

Alma del Temple

Located inside Caro Hotel is one of the world’s most beautiful restaurants, Alma del Temple. Dine surrounded by artifacts and get ready to be treated by Valencia’s finest chefs. We ordered four dishes, plus dessert, and everything was perfect for sharing. Don’t leave without trying the Valencia Salad!

Kelly Ella Maz_Alma Del Temple Valencia Salad

Kelly Ella Maz_Alma del Temple Valencia Restaurant

Al Pomodoro

When we visited Valencia I had already been eating my share of Spanish food for a few months, so when I found this eclectic Italian restaurant called Al Pomodoro filled with Valencian locals I knew it was the perfect spot. Paul had the All’Italiana pizza and I had a rigatoni pasta with eggplant and buffalo mozzarella. We loved our food and left completely satisfied. We were even happier when our bill came and it was only 25€.

Kelly Ella Maz_Al Pomodoro Rigatoni Pasta

Kelly Ella Maz_Al Pomodoro Valencia

Restaurante Contrapunto

Located underneath Palau de les Arts is Restaurante Contrapunto. This is the perfect place to sit near the City of Arts and Sciences for a cold drink. Sandwiches and salads are particularly great here – making this a good spot for lunch when you’re sightseeing in the area.

Kelly Ella Maz_Restaurante Contrapunto Valencia

Kelly Ella Maz_Restaurante Contrapunto Valencia View

La Pepica

When you’re looking for incredible paella you can’t miss La Pepica. We had the traditional Valencian paella which has chicken and rabbit in it. It was amazing, and I’m really picky with paella. You can tell this was cooked properly. It’s just an added bonus that their outside terrace has views of the beach.  

Kelly Ella Maz_Le Pepica Paella Valencia

Kelly Ella Maz_La Pepica Valencia

Zumeria Naturalia

Zumeria Naturalia is a juice bar with a huge selection of fresh juices, with or without alcohol. The serving sizes are massive and I could hardly finish my orange-pineapple juice! Paul’s orange-lemon-strawberry was equally as good as mine. If we discovered this place sooner we would have gone more than once! 

Kelly Ella Maz_Zumeria Naturalia Valencia Juices

Cafe de Las Horas

The over-the-top decor inside Cafe de Las Horas transports you to another century. Find a comfortable table and order this city’s signature cocktail: agua de Valencia! Before visiting Valencia I had never heard of this drink, but now I’m a huge fan! It’s made with Valencia orange juice, cava, gin and vodka. It’s pretty potent so make sure you have someone to share the pitcher with. If you’re looking to try ague de Valencia, this is the bar to do it at.

Kelly Ella Maz_Cafe de Las Horas Agua de Valencia

Kelly Ella Maz_Cafe de Las Horas Valencia