Kelly Ella Maz Aminjirah Resort Review

Hotel Review: Aminjirah Resort

It’s been a while since our trip to Koh Tao, but I really wanted to share the resort we stayed at with you. Better late than never, right? Before visiting Koh Tao I had heard so much about Aminjirah Resort. We had countless friends and blogging colleagues who had stayed here in the past, and their drool-worthy sunset pictures were enough to make us book a room here!

The infinity pool is what this hotel is best known for – and for a good reason! The pool has sweeping views of the ocean and on the far right you can catch a glimpse of Koh Nang Yuan. The pool has plenty of loungers and a bar, making it easy to relax in one spot for hours upon hours.

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The pool is at it’s busiest during sunset, when the sky changes into magical colours and the edge of the infinity pool gives you a front row seat to the sun dropping into the horizon. It’s one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sunset in all of Thailand, and it’s also my favourite feature of this hotel.

Another reason why I love this hotel is the restaurant. It’s located a bit higher up the hill and it has stunning ocean views. The food is excellent and so is the service. During our one-week stay we had countless meals here, and we enjoyed each one. Between the high quality of food and the stunning views it’s no surprise that it became one of our favourite restaurants on the island.

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The only issue we had with Aminjirah Resort was the rooms. But, to be fair I place the blame on us for not booking the more expensive rooms. The best way to describe Aminjirah Resort is to say that they cater to all budgets. Their budget room is shockingly affordable, but you get what you pay for.  Our budget room would be perfectly acceptable to some travellers, but Paul and I are used to a higher standard when it comes to our accommodation.

On the other hand, their Sunset Ocean Dream room is pure luxury and worthy of a 5 star classification. This room is located next to the pool, has it’s own balcony and also has stunning ocean views. I’ve seen inside six rooms at Aminjirah Resort and this one if my favourite. Next time we stay I’ll allow more room in our budget so we can book the Sunset Ocean Dream room instead.

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If you follow us on social media, you’ll already know that Paul became quite sick in Thailand and had to be hospitalized in Krabi before we eventually flew home to Canada. The first night that Paul’s fever broke was our last night at Aminjirah Resort. We couldn’t find any information about emergency doctors in Koh Tao online, so we had to wake up one of the hotel staff members for help. She was an absolutely angel! She woke up the hotel driver at 2am and accompanied us to the 24 hour emergency clinic in town. She stayed with me while the doctor checked Paul, ran to 7-Eleven to grab us supplies and checked in on us until we left the next day.

The caring staff were so good to us during our entire stay, but having them go that extra mile when Paul became sick was truly impressive. When you have a hotel run by such caring people it doesn’t matter if the rooms aren’t as luxurious as I’d hoped for – they made me feel at home regardless, and for that reason I look forward to returning one day!

Ps: wanna see more pictures? Check out Instagram to see shots from other travellers’ stay too!

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