Kelly Ella Maz Ways To Travel When You Have No Money

3 Ways to Travel When You Have No Money

Ask anyone why they aren’t travelling as much as they want to and 90% of the time you’ll hear the same excuse: “I can’t afford it right now”. Does this sound familiar to you? Money can defiantly seem like the biggest obstacle but as soon as you start looking for creative ways to offset the costs of travel you can afford to travel more than you thought! Here’s my advice on three ways to travel when you have no money:

1. Volunteer abroad

Plenty of overseas volunteer programs offer you a free room and meals in exchange for work. I think this is a great way to travel when you don’t have money, but I think it’s very important to choose a company wisely! Did you know that some house building projects in third world countries actually take paying jobs away from the locals? That doesn’t mean that all overseas volunteer projects are bad, it just means you need to do your research first! is one reputable company to check out if this interests you.

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2. Try housesitting

When Paul and I first arrived in Sydney, Australia we house sat for two weeks. The couple who’s house we stayed at were on vacation for two weeks and needed someone to take care of their two cats and water their gardens. We got to stay for free and in exchange the couple’s house, cats and gardens were well taken care of! Try

Sydney Opera House from the water

3. Start a travel blog

To be fair, this is the most time consuming and hardest way to offset travel costs…. but once you’ve created a travel blog and start benefiting from sponsored travel it all pays off. Of course this isn’t the only reason to start a blog, but it’s honestly one of the best perks. Wanna learn more? Check out the info below.

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Since I get daily emails from readers asking for travel blogging advice I’ve finally compiled all of my best tips into a guide called “Travel Blogging Secrets: Learn how to run a successful travel blog and land sponsored press trips without substantial followers“. This book includes everything you need to know about growing your travel blog and includes all of my best kept secrets.

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Here’s what you get:

  • Easy to understand tips on how to set up a blog
  • Detailed information on securing travel sponsors
  • A look at my media kit, along with info on how to create your own
  • The exact email pitch I use – and how I find the right email address
  • A list of publications that pay travel bloggers for writing
  • Details on how I got featured in a magazine as a travel expert (and how you can too)
  • A list of the 24+ free resources I use to grow my business
  • 4 free downloads – including the social media scheduling template I use each week

For $18US you not only get a copy of the book, but you also get access to the closed Facebook group where you can ask me questions about travel blogging and get notifications of upcoming sponsored press tour opportunities. Click “Buy Now” to purchase your copy: