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Hotel Review: W Bangkok

Stepping into W Bangkok is almost like entering a trendy nightclub. The lights are slightly dimmed, the furniture is sleek and shiny, and there’s plenty of glowing purple lights. When you arrive at W Bangkok you just know you’re in for an exciting stay.

Just like every other W Hotel, this property cleverly adds design details that play off the local culture. For Bangkok, that theme is Muay Thai! Hints of Bangkok’s fighting traditions can be found anywhere you look. But, my favourite design detail is the “chandelier” in the staircase. Look closely at the picture below and you’ll realize those aren’t floating crystals – they’re floating juice bags… the same type of bags you see Bangkok locals sipping out of on every street.

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Welcome Lobby

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Staircase

We stayed in a Wonderful Room on the 28th floor with killer views. Right in front of us was the famous robot building, and our room also had the perfect sunset views. Our room was modern and spacious, and filled with natural light thanks to the wall of windows. Our room came with a king sized W Signature Bed and Pillows, which is essentially the same as sleeping on a cloud. I promise you you’ll never have a better sleep than at a W Hotel! Our room also came with a tablet for controlling everything from the alarm clock to the lighting. 

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Bed

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Wonderful Room

W Bangkok sticks to it’s Muay Thai theme with the rooms too! Most notably, the addition of oversized (and sequinned!) boxing gloves laid out on each bed. These gloves take pillow fights to a whole other level. Because who can resist throwing a punch at your boyfriend/ travel companion? If you look closely at the pics below you’ll also see pink boxing gloves worn by the tigers and dragons on the bed spread too!

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Boxing

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Boxing Gloves

The bathroom was equally as modern as the rest of the room, with black subway tiles and tinted mirrors. You can always count on W Hotels to have the best toiletries, thanks to their exclusive partnership with Bliss. Not only do you get high quality shampoo, conditioner and soap – but you also get a face wash and body butter. Staying at the W Bangkok means you can leave majority of your toiletries at home, which is awesome when it comes to packing less.

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Wonderful Room Bathroom

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Bliss Products

For dining you have a few different options. The main restaurant is The Kitchen Table, where the chef prepares a mix of Western and Asian food. If you’re looking for a quick bite you can also check out The Kitchen Pantry, which is like a small shop filled with candies, pastries and other goodies. The House on Sathorn (located just outside of the main building) has a stunning outdoor terrace and a carefully crafted menu. I think this place is perfect for lunch! You also have the option of in-room dining, which has plenty of options. My favourite thing on the room service mention is the “Showtime” package of popcorn, pop and candy – it’s perfect for movie nights in your hotel room!

Thanks to an extra early flight we had to check out at 5am, which meant we missed out on their amazing breakfast. This was such a disappointment because I had heard nothing by amazing things about their breakfast! Thankfully, the staff were well prepared for guests leaving early and they gave us a take-away breakfast box that included sandwiches, fruit, juices and treats from The Kitchen Pantry. Not only was it delicious, but we really appreciated the effort!

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_The Kitchen Table Restaurant

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_House on Sathorn

The Kitchen Table is best known for their signature “My Burger, My Style” combo. Paul and I love a good burger, so we knew we couldn’t leave without trying them! You’ve given a clipboard with a form and you select everything from the type of meat to your unique toppings. Each combo also comes with a side (the tomato salad was so fresh!) and a drink. Beers are included in drinks list, so 510 baht gets you an entire meal.

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Dinner

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_The Kitchen Table

Next to the lobby is the popular Woobar. VIP sections, a nightly DJ and mouthwatering cocktails makes this a must-visit bar in Bangkok. I’m so happy we stopped by Woobar for pictures on our way to dinner, because when we got back to the hotel later that night it was absolutely packed! The music was great and the crowd was filled with smiling, well-dressed travellers and locals. 

Kelly Ella Maz_W Bangkok Hotel_Woobar

To book a stay at W Bangkok check out their website. You can also get a closer look at our stay in the video below. We’re big fans of W Hotels, and have always said that the W Barcelona is one of Europe’s most iconic hotels. Check out our review of that hotel right here

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to W Bangkok as guests, however our opinions remain our own.