Kelly Ella Maz Lao Valhalla Bungalows Review

Hotel Review: Lao Valhalla Bungalows

Visiting Vang Vieng was a chance for us to catch up on work and relax. We didn’t come to Vang Vieng to sightsee, we truly came here to unwind – so we needed the perfect place to stay. We wanted a property that felt private, relaxing and it also needed to be quiet. Luckily we discovered Lao Valhalla Bungalows on Airbnb.

This property is made up of 6 individual bungalows, a restaurant and a lounge. It’s about a 20 minute walk from town, but convenitenly located on the road that goes to the Blue Lagoon. It was exactly what we were looking for, and after meeting the travellers staying in the other bungalows it’s safe to say we weren’t the only ones happy with our stay!

Kelly Ella Maz_Lao Valhalla Bungalows_Review

The first thing that caught my eye when we were shown our bungalow was how secluded it felt, since it was surrounded by trees. It literally felt like we were in the middle of a jungle! Each bungalow also has a porch with a table and chairs, so I used this spot as my own personal office. Working in a peaceful, tranquil setting like this always helps my productivity!

Kelly Ella Maz_Lao Valhalla Bungalows_Porch

Inside the bungalow was just as spectacular, thanks to the huge windows that let in the sunshine and beautiful views. Even when we left the curtains open it still felt very private thanks to all the trees surrounding us.

Our room came with a very comfortable bed, a desk, a wardrobe and an ensuite bathroom. What amazed me about our bungalow was how perfectly clean it was, despite being located in the middle of a jungle-like forest! After a long bus ride from Luang Prabang we instantly felt relaxed and comfortable in our cute little bungalow.

Kelly Ella Maz_Lao Valhalla Bungalows_Room

The on-site restaurant happens to be one of the best restaurants in Vang Vieng. The owner (Nouth) and her cousins serve delicious, home-cooked meals that are a welcoming change from all the other hotel restaurants we’ve been eating at lately. A lot of the fruits and vegetables used by them are grown in their own garden, so you can really taste just how fresh the dishes are.

Kelly Ella Maz_Lao Valhalla Bungalows_Noodles

Right next to the restaurant is a lounge area facing the limestone karst mountains. Comfy cushions are piled on the floor, making it the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail. I opted for one of their smoothies (banana and mango) while I worked in the lounge and it was delicious! It’s not hard to see why the restaurant and lounge are popular with travellers who aren’t staying here as well.

Kelly Ella Maz_Lao Valhalla Bungalows_Lounge Deck

Kelly Ella Maz_Lao Valhalla Bungalows_Fruit Smoothie

The grounds are beautiful and lots of private areas with hammocks hanging above gardens. The entire area felt very tranquil, perfect for meditation. You’ll even see a lot of wildlife around the bungalows. When we were there we saw lots of baby ducks, some very friendly dogs and even cows. 

Kelly Ella Maz_Lao Valhalla Bungalows_Hammock

To book a bungalow check out Lao Valhalla Bungalows on Airbnb. Bungalows start at a very reasonable $30 per night. To see more from our stay check out this video:

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to Laos Valhalla Bungalows as guests, however our opinions remain our own.