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Quick Guide to Uluwatu

We finished up our two month Bali tour in the city I was most excited to visit – Uluwatu! This area is equally popular with laid-back surfers and luxury resort travellers. This cool combination means you get the best hotels and the trendiest beach bars and cafes! Here’s everything you need to know in our Quick Guide to Uluwatu:
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  • There’s only one place I’ll stay in Uluwatu – and that’s The Edge. I love their villas, their spa and their butler services. 

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  •  Uluwatu Temple is the most famous attraction in this area and worth a visit. Try to visit in the morning before it gets too hot.
  • If you’re a surfer than most of your days in Uluwatu will be spent catching waves. Uluwatu isn’t ideal for newbies.
  • Visit Pandawa Beach if you want to spend your day relaxing in the sun.

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  • Warung Ohana is an amazing Mexican restaurant with authentic dishes. Their taco plate was my favourite, but the wet burrito is their most popular dish.
  • My all-time favourite eatery in Bali happens to have a location in Uluwatu – of course I’m talking about Nalu Bowls!
  • For a great lunch try Bukit Cafe.
  • Head to The Edge hotel for the afternoon to use their pool and stay for lunch. Their food is of the highest quality!
  • More restaurant suggestions can be found in my Jimbaran guide – which is the area right next to Uluwatu! 

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  • Single Fin is the popular spot for sunset drinks. Coming here is a MUST!  

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