Hotel Review: INAYA Putri Bali Resort

Arriving at INAYA Putri Bali Resort in Nusa Dua reminded me of our countless vacations in the Caribbean. Perfectly manicured gardens, a grand entrance and a whopping 9 hectares of property. I knew as soon as we arrived that this would be the kind of resort where we probably wouldn’t leave until check-out, and yet we still probably wouldn’t have enough time to explore everything.

That assumption couldn’t have been more accurate! Our three nights and four days at INAYA Putri Bali Resort were so amazing but they went by so fast. There’s so much to see and do at this resort that a week would be the ideal amount of time to spend here. Our mini-vacation started with a quick check-in and our first taste of one of INAYA’s signature iced teas. We knew right away that this would be a hotel to remember!

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Bali Resort_Welcome Iced Tea

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Bali Resort_Lobby

Until recently only the deluxe rooms and suites were available, but luckily for us their private villas were finished right before our visit – making us one of the first guests to experience a villa in their exclusive area titled “The Village”. We stayed in a one bedroom villa with plenty of outdoor space, a bedroom and a semi-outdoor bathroom.

It’s always nice to stay in a brand new hotel because all the bedding, towels and furniture just feel so fresh and new! Our king sized bed was so comfortable we slept in long past our regular 6am wake up time, and didn’t make it to breakfast until after 8am each day (so uncommon for us!). The spacious bathroom felt very spa-like and the high quality bathroom products made every morning shower feel like a total pamper session!Β 

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Bali Resort_One Bedroom Villa

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Resort Bali Review_Villa Bathroom

The totally unique pools that come with private villas are the real “star” of INAYA Putri Bali! Each villa has it’s own infinity pool that’s quite sizeable on its own. The infinity pools all overflow into a “river pool” that runs the length of the entire Village. This is such an incredible concept, because you get the privacy of having your own pool but you also get the same fun aspect you get with pool access rooms. The huge river pool is perfect for swimming laps or relaxing in a floatie!

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Resort Bali Review_Villa Pool

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Bali Resort_The Village River Pool

Guest who stay in villas are also treated to personalized butler services. The butlers at INAYA Putri Bali Resort are much more than your average concierge. Their professionally trained butlers are there to make your stay absolutely perfect.

Our incredible butlers (Maurice and Anom!) unpacked our suitcases, drew me a bubble bath, took care of our restaurant reservations, scheduled our turndown services, took us to get gelato and shuttled us around the resort in a golf buggy. Nothing was too much to ask, and I have to credit their services for making our stay as enjoyable as it was. Their professionalism and attention to detail was the main feature that separated INAYA from the many other 5 star resorts we’ve stayed at.

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Resort Bali Review_Butler Services

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Bali Resort_Gelato

The luxury doesn’t stop with their custom services, at INAYA Putri Bali Resort they love to pamper their guests with gifts as well! Our villa came with a small spa set and an eye pillow that made for the perfect afternoon spa session! The bath salts, handmade soap and massage oil had a decadent sandalwood scent and the eye pillow was stuffed with natural herbs that left my tired eyes feeling completely refreshed.

In keeping with traditional Balinese culture, INAYA Putri Bali Resort uses traditional foot soaks to symbolize the start of your vacation. After arriving we received luxurious foot soaks with custom selected scented oil and a mini food massage. This beautiful treatment left us feeling pampered, relaxed and ready to start our mini-vacation! Best of us, this treatment was received in the comfort of our own villa!

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Resort Bali Review_Welcome Gift

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Resort Bali Review_Foot Spa

You’d think with the awesome pool we had in our own villa that we’d never visit the resort’s main pool – but this one was equally as amazing! Their main pool overlooks the Indian Ocean and is made up of three tiers of infinity pool. The pool was designed to look like the famous rice terraces in Ubud. The result? A spacious pool with plenty of different areas to explore!

If you can pull yourself away from the pool there’s also a great beach at the resort. Lounge chairs line the sand and anytime we visited we had no problem finding empty chairs. There’s also a wide range of water sports available so you’ll never run out of stuff to do if you’re an active traveller.

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Resort Bali Review_Pool

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Bali Resort_Main Pool

The restaurants are absolutely incredible at INAYA and every meal we ate here was delicious. Breakfast was a large buffet that carried everything from fried noodle to cronuts and even exotic jams like “apple and lemongrass”. Even their honey selection consisted of 5 different decadent flavours! There’s no better way to start your day than a plate full of fresh and delicious food with an ocean view in the distance.

Lunches and dinners were our favourite meals at INAYA, and they were served in the Ja’Jan Bistro. The chef of this restaurant is from Italy and this man is a culinary genius! The Tasmanian Salmon was my favourite dish, but the crab spaghetti and mozza burger were also amazing.Β Probably the most signature item at INAYA is their famous iced teas. They have countless flavours to choose from including my favourite – strawberry mint! Bali can get very hot but these drinks are so refreshing and perfect with lunch. Β 

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Resort Bali Review_Lunch at Ja'Jan Bistro

Kelly Ella Maz_INAYA Putri Bali Resort_Breakfast Buffet

Book your own stay at INAYA Putri Bali Resort by visiting their website. If you want to have the same experience as us be sure to request a one bedroom villa! Check out the video below for a good look at the incredible private pool we had in our villa:

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to INAYA Putri BaliΒ as guests, however our opinions remain our own.