Kelly Ella Maz Villa Sabandari Ubud Review

Hotel Review: Villa Sabandari

When our car pulled up to Villa Sabandari we were greeted by smiling staff who were waiting to take our luggage. They led us through the tall doors and took us to the living room where an huge oversized couch sat facing a view of the rice fields.

Almost immediately staff started appearing one by one. The first staff member brought us cool towels, then a beautiful woman brought us fresh passion fruit juice. The third staff member was there to go over everything at the hotel with us, and to show us to our room.

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Welcome Drink

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Living Room

Villa Sabandari is a very unique B&B in Ubud, with only a handful of rooms. Our room was the on the second level overlooking the pool, a temple and rice fields. Our bed was beautifully decorated with flowers and had everything we could possibly need.

The room was spacious, clean and very bright thanks to the huge windows and balcony door. Our balcony had awesome views and a very comfortable lounger. I spent most of my time at Villa Sabandari sitting on the balcony working away!

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Bed

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Afternoon Tea

The bathroom was beautiful, and open to the elements. It included a spacious closet area, separate toilet room, a beautiful cabinet and an outdoor shower. What was unique about this outdoor bathroom is that they managed to design this on the second level room. It felt extremely private and the natural lighting was so refreshing in the morning!

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Bathroom

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Shower

The infinity pool overlooking the temple and the rice fields is one of the highlights of Villa Sabandari! The red loungers and umbrellas are a beautiful contract to the lush green trees and blue water, and the whole area feels very luxurious.

Just in front of the pool is a beautiful library, that includes a keyboard and guitar. It wasn’t uncommon for us to hear other guests strumming along or signing from the library – it was such a beautiful touch that made this place really feel like home!

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Kelly Pool

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Paul and Kelly Pool

The included breakfast was different each day, but always included fresh fruit and large portions. Instead of ordering off a menu the chef prepares a variety of breakfast items and they are delivered to your room at the timing of your choice! We loved this, and not having to decide what to order was a nice change.

There is no restaurant on-site but they do have a small snack menu as afternoon tea. Just like the breakfast, everything we ordered was wonderfully fresh and well presented. The staff at Villa Sabandari have a way of making everything feel special! You can choose to eat on your terrace, or on the communal dining room table.

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Breakfast

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Sabandari_Dining Room Table

It’s not uncommon for hotels in Ubud to have a free shuttle service, but Villa Sabandari is the first hotel I’ve stayed at in Ubud to have a free driver service. You simply call reception to let them know when you’d like to leave and their driver will be ready to drive you anywhere in Ubud. When you’re ready to come back to the hotel you just call the driver’s mobile number, which the hotel gives you on a business card. What an amazing service to have!

To book your own stay at this beautiful Ubud bed & breakfast please check out their website, Check out the video below to see even more:

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to Villa Sabandari as guests, however our opinions remain our own.