Kelly Ella Maz Sanur Night Market

Sanur Night Market

The food I ate at the Sanur Night Market is easily the best food I’ve eaten in Bali. It was fresh, delicious, fun and incredibly cheap! One of the coolest parts about this market is that it’s not overrun with tourists. In fact, majority of the people eating at the market are locals.

Street food in Southeast Asia makes me nervous since I don’t have a very strong stomach, but everything was fresh and sanitation didn’t seem to be an issue here. They make most of the food right in front of you so I didn’t need to worry about what I was eating.

The market wasn’t easy to find online, but if you use Google maps to locate Pasar Sindu you’ll find the exact location. The market is open every night, until around 11pm or midnight. We stayed at a central Sanur hotel (Nesa Sanur) and it was an enjoyable 20 minute walk to the market.

Sanur Night Market Location

Alright, on to the food! Our first stop was a green cart selling chicken satay. They were amazing! It was a long wait to order and get our food but it was so worth it. We order 20 chicken satays, one serving of white rice and a bottle of water. We sat on plastic stools next to some friendly locals and took in the chaotic scene around us. The total cost was $4.

Kelly Ella Maz_Sanur Night Market Chicken Satay

From here we went to another cart – this one sold mie ayam. It’s basically an Asian version of chicken noodle soup! Since we prefer to eat our soup with a spoon, in a bowl (rather than a plastic baggie!) we got ours “for here” and grabbed a seat at the make-shift table. A huge bowl of this soup cost about $1.50.

Kelly Ella Maz_Sanur Night Market Mie Ayam

While we were eating our soup I noticed the juice cart beside us was making drinks with a hand drill! The man had fastened his own blender by adding the mixing attachment from a hand-held baking mixer to a hand drill. Only in Asia…!!

Kelly Ella Maz_Sanur Night Market Hand Drill Blender

Despite only spending a little over $5 we were both pretty full by this point (thanks to the generous serving sizes) but we couldn’t leave without trying a few more things. We went on to try dessert at a cart where I literally could not identify a single thing in front of me. We didn’t know what to order so the friendly woman made us an assortment of different things. The black rice pudding and the green perogie-looking dumpling filled with banana were my favourites! I still don’t know what the other items were, but they were fun to try! I think this cost us about $1

When we go back again later this week I will probably try the roti stand for dessert instead. It looked a bit too filling for me during our first visit, but thinning back I regret not trying them!

Kelly Ella Maz_Sanur Night Market Dessert

Our last stop was a juice stand (with regular blenders). Our juices were delicious – Paul had a mix of apple, pineapple and orange and I went for the avocado. We noticed that the drinks being made before ours were getting generous additions of a sugar syrup and canned milk so we requested that ours was not made with those, which was a much healthier option. We also skipped the ice because it was a bit questionable whether it had been store-bought or not (it probably was). These two juices cost somewhere between $2 and $3.

Sanur Night Market was a fun night and I’m still thinking about that food! Don’t miss your chance to try some authentic food here if you’re in the area – your tummy and wallet will thank you!

Kelly Ella Maz_Sanur Night Market Juice