Planning for Da Nang with Justgola

Since Da Nang is a relatively new tourist destination there isn’t a ton of information online to help you decide what to see and where to eat. Luckily for me I recently discovered a free service called Justgola that creates custom itineraries for you within seconds!

On Justgola.com you put in your destination, your number of days and how much money you want to spend per day. You add your interest and click “Start Planning” and in a few sounds you have a full travel itinerary!


My favourite feature of this instant itinerary is that it gives you restaurant recommendations based on the rest of your schedule. For example, on day two in Da Nang Justgola suggested I go to Pham Van Dong Beach in the morning and it cleverly suggested a lunch restaurant within the area.

The process of finding recommended restaurants near the attractions I’m planning to visit is probably the most time consuming part of travel planning for me, so this is extremely helpful. The restaurants were also chosen based on my requested daily budget and the itinerary tells me that the average cost at this lunch restaurant is $9USD – right on budget!


The itinerary is fully customizable, so you can switch out anything you want. You can also add notes to any item – such as a personal reminder to pack sunscreen for the beach or a note to order a restaurant’s famous pasta dish. Between each item it also gives you recommended modes of transportation and the cost. If bus is the best option then that’s what Justgola suggests – but one click and you can change it to a taxi and your estimated cost automatically adjusts as well!

If budget is your main concern Justgola is perfect for you because you can use the smart filter to show only free attractions in your destination. You can also add free attractions to your “wish list” and request that your customized Justgola itinerary include them. How amazing is that?

Smart Filter

If you’re really not sure where to start you can also browse their recommended itineraries (like this one). You can even pick one that you like and then customize it to you liking by adding different attractions or restaurants. This is a great option because it’s so much easier to start with a partial itinerary than it is to plan from scratch!

Justgola is also available as an app for android phones – so you can plan your trip on the website then access it (offline!) via your smartphone while you travel. The iOS app is not available yet, but you can sign up here to be notified when it becomes available.

The app is perfect for travellers because all of your information available offline (even the maps!) so you can access all of your information even when you don’t have data or wi-fi. You just complete your travel plans on the website before you leave, then it syncs with the app. The estimated travel costs and offline maps are awesome for making sure taxis aren’t ripping you off – obviously an invaluable tool to have!


One of the coolest featured of the Justgola app is the Trip Blog that organizes and names all of the photos you take on your trip using your phone. You can also use the Trip Blog to add notes and reminders. This is awesome for travel bloggers because it’s a quick and easy way to remember prices, menus and tips that you want to write about later.

Even without Justgola on my iPhone this website has been invaluable in planning my trip to Da Nang, and after such a good experience I’ll be using Justgola to revise and plan all of my other Southeast Asia destinations.

This post is sponsored by Justgola, however our opinions remain our own.