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Hotel Review: Villa Kubu

Not since our trip to Fiji earlier this year have I experienced a hotel with this level of luxury and attention to detail. Seminyak’s Villa Kubu is the definition of “Bali Bliss” and for one perfect night I was lucky enough to call it home. This all-villa property has private villas ranging from one bedroom to three bedroom, with some of them having connecting properties so you can rent multiple villas for your entire family.

We stayed in a Premium One Bedroom Villa, Villa #4 to be exact. My jaw dropped as soon as our concierge open the door. Our entry involved a wooden walkway overtop of a lotus pond filled with colourful fish. You immediately entered into the outdoor dining room, and right behind that was the kitchen.

Kelly Ella Maz_Vilal Kubu Dining Room

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Kubu Smoothies

As soon as we passed through the dining room that killer private pool caught me eye. I’ve stayed in a few private pool villas before, but this was by far the biggest pool I’ve ever seen in a villa. Surrounding the pool was a bale (or cabana) and lounge chairs. Behind the bale was a small outdoor bathroom, perfect for showering off after a swim.

Besides the pool my favourite feature of our villa was what I saw next. An inviting outdoor living room with a plush couch absolutely covered in squishy pillows and big enough to fit 12-15 people! Ahh yes, this would be exactly where I’d spend the next 24 hours. Comfortably sprawled out next to the bluetooth speakers with the beautiful pool straight in front of me.

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Kubu Private Pool

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Kubu Living Room

The only truly indoor part of our villa was the bedroom. A gorgeous king sized bed looked absolutely regal with floor to ceiling netting draped around the sides. And let me tell you, I slept like a queen in it! The TV had a ton of english channels and they also have movies available to borrow during your stay.

The bathroom was truly unique, and completely open to the elements. It was accessible from two separate doors from the bedroom. The first door led us through a garden to an outdoor shower, which then led us around to the bathroom with a beautiful picture-perfect bathtub filled with rose petals. On the other end of the bathroom you could re-enter the bedroom.

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Kubu Bedroom

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Kubu Bathtub

After seeing all of the villa and immediately falling in love with it I decided I wouldn’t be leaving until check-out. Seminyak’s beachfront bars at sunset couldn’t even tempt me away from our private oasis!

We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool and enjoyed our complimentary welcome massages in the privacy of our own villa. If I had more time at Villa Kubu I definitely would have gotten a few more spa treatments. Their masseuses are best described as angels! And their magical hands will have even your tightest knots disappearing in seconds.

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Kubu Massage

After such a warm welcome to Villa Kubu and a taste of luxury we we’re so excited to try out their restaurant. Like I said before, nothing was going to tempt me away from our villa so we opted for room service and enjoyed a romantic dinner in our own outdoor dining room. The beef tenderloin was full of flavour and easily the best meal we’ve had in Bali.

Breakfast was even more impressive and one of the best I’ve ever had at a hotel. Fresh juices, pastries and fruit we’re a fantastic start, but what stole my heart was the vine tomatoes on sourdough bread topped with feta and basil! An incredible breakfast to fuel my body after a sunrise yoga session by the pool.

Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Kubu Breakfast


Kelly Ella Maz_Villa Kubu Yoga

One thing’s for sure – I left my heart at Villa Kubu, and I’ll definitely be returning sooner than later. Treat yourself to the best vacation of your life and book your own private villa by visiting Don’t miss the video below to see more:

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to Villa Kubu as guests, however our opinions remain our own.