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The Best Shopping in Seminyak

It’s no secret how much I love to shop – and Seminyak quickly became one of my favourite shopping destinations. Here’s some info on must-visit stores and the best shopping in Seminyak, Bali!

Bali Surf Outlet

I didn’t find the selection here to be as good as other stores in Seminyak, but this store is just a few steps away from Original Surf Outlet so I’d recommend stopping here as well. They had a good election of Roxy and Quicksilver here.
Kelly Ella Maz_Bali Surf Outlet

Original Surf Outlet

This store should really just be called the Ripcurl Outlet because that’s basically what it is. Other than a few items everything in this huge store is Ripcurl. Prices are low, the selection is huge, but just like any other outlet sizes can be a bit picked over. I’d say Original Surf Outlet is still worth a visit though – I got a great spring rashie here for only $30!
Kelly Ella Maz_Original Surf Outlet Bali

Billabong Outlet

Can you tell I love surf brands? Billabong has a few factories in Indonesia, and the Billabong Outlet on Sunset Road is their only outlet. This outlet is just down the street from Original Surf Outlet and Bali Surf Outlet – and you can easily take a taxi to one and walk to the others. Bikinis were 70% off and they had a fantastic selection of sizes too! The store is three levels, so you can find a lot of great stuff here.
Kelly Ella Maz_Billabong Outlet Bali

Bali Boat Shed

It was the cute building that lured me inside, but Bali Boat Shed has an amazing selection of men’s and women’s clothing! I loved their women’s dresses and purses – and the men’s short sleeve dress shirts came in some amazing colours.
Kelly Ella Maz_Bali Boat Shed

Drifter Surf Shop and Cafe

Drifter is a well-known store in Bali that carries clothes, art, books and surf gear. They have beautiful turkish towels and a cute cafe where you can fuel-up while you shop.
Kelly Ella Maz_Drifter Surf Shop